Going off my short burst play tangent, last night I had another great experience in Wizard 101.  Below the Krokosphinx there is a hub that leads to four other areas.  However, in that area is a boss named Grumish Greataxe.  Grumish can only be summoned by players that have completed a quest chain, but once summoned anybody can join.

I signed on excited to get to the third and final hub in Kroktopia, but people were fighting Grumish.  So, I joined them because joining a boss fight can only make things better for all.  We beat him pretty good, and I got to flex my mighty-Potter pythons with lightning versus the myth boss (lightning beats myth, fire beats ice, etc.).  During the time we smacked the minotaur around a small crowd had gathered, and people in the crowd were rearing to take the boss on as well.  So, I joined again.  Then again.  I never made it to the next hub.

It was just a blast to fight this boss with a rotating group of other people knowing that I could leave at anytime between fights without anyone batting an eye.  While there is good and bad to the transient nature of grouping in Wizard 101, the emergence of this pick-up style play will rarely happen in a more traditional MMO.  I think the only other time I was this excited to just play with people at a whim was in the early days of Warhammer Online where public quests were actually populated.

I hope that true pick-up play will occur more often in the MMOs of the future.

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3 thoughts on “Grumishing”

  1. I’ve experienced this exact same scenario (though in different locations being as i’m only level 13) and I love it. Everyone just hangs around and BS’s like they’re at a water-cooler, waiting for the next boss spawn.

    Boss spawns, it’s killed far too quickly and the waiting/chatting commences once again.

  2. I had the same experience with that boss – in fact, when I finally actually had the quest I had to wait in line to fight him after killing him a few times before.

    What makes all the difference to me in this game is the ease of movement – not only can anyone join in to help you fight a monster (and bring one of their own) but the fact that once you are friends with someone in the game they can instantly teleport to you once you tell them you need help – this is really a game changer for me in terms of ease of play. It cuts across all borders, that friend teleport – you can teleport between different realms/servers at will, and even teleport to areas of the game you haven’t unlocked yet, to help someone out. It is probably viewed as too “casual” to put in a major MMO title but for what W101 is doing with kids (and kids at heart!) it works so well.

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