The Problem, In a Nutshell

Melmoth discusses:

Look, if I fight wolves in the dwarf starter area, and I kill the requisite hundred and fifty thousand million of them for the Wolf-Slaughterer title, it’s fair to say that I’m pretty good at killing wolves, some might say that I am accomplished if not a little genocidal. Therefore, if I then go to another area, further afield than where one might find a new character normally, I should not find super wolves, ten times the power of a normal wolf, who have but to look at me in a slightly disapproving manner for all my armour to jettison from my body and my skeleton to explode out of my skin and bury itself five feet under the ground. I am a wolf slayer! Look! You gave me a bloody title to acknowledge the fact that I spent a lot of time killing wolves, why can I not kill these wolves? ‘Oh’, say the developers, ‘but these are different wolves’. Different how exactly? Were they privately educated? Have members of their number graduated from Sandhurst? Did they train at Hereford in the use of special tactics and weapons?

The epic journey from pig to pig I comment with this image. That’s basically the state of things. The only thing keeping you from leveling on boars from 1 to the cap is that you must complete some quests to get access to zones, like exiting the newbie instance or the faction grind to get into Lothlorien, where the level 61 pigs are. You did not think of “access to higher-level pigs” as one of the benefits of that elf faction, eh? You haven’t even seen the edges of the box you’re trying to think outside of.

I pull this example from The Lord of the Rings Online™, but it is almost universal. My Dark Age of Camelot (Albion) character could do just the same, from piglets to rooters with some zombie pigs in between. I have killed the same goblin 100,000 times, with him in a variety of hats and colors.

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  1. Lothlorien Elf: “To gain our trust you must kill 15 orcs!”

    myself: “Erhm…ok. So the hundreds, if not thousands, I’ve killed up until now mean nothing? Do you realize how many times I’ve fully swept 16th Hall?”

    Lothlorien Elf: “To gain our trust you must kill 15 more orcs! and run around with this bundle of arrows”


    I hear Mirkwood will have level 62 pigs and possibly a level 63 pig raid boss (but only if you have enough radiance).

  2. What did you guys expect…especially from LOTRO…snooze..

    But, really, this is just another issue altogether. “Achievements”, “Traits”…whatever you wish to call them. I call it lazy development so the game can have more content. I understand it is common MMO practice to reuse models and it will be a LONG time before that changes. But, getting a title from it proves nothing.


    I like the way of content regeneration that Age of Conan does better…
    Killing wolves? Killing thieves? Killing boars? Those are called CONTRACTS to thin out their population. You ARE a mercenary after all and you do it for…CASH.
    PS: I also am not FORCED to do it either for some reason that will not mean anything down the road, if I do not wish,…but, the enticement of cash? Always an incentive.

    How novel.

  3. Ah, fair Lorien…I longed to behold thy beauty after braving the terrors of Carn Dum, the Rift and Dark Delvings, but you made me clean up orc poop first.

  4. Yeah, I get kinda annoyed being high level in any MMO and still being forced to kill bears or wolves or boars. It’s kinda silly. Surely a boar is a boar is a boar. I can understand some variation in them but from levels 1 – 60? C’mon. I think we should be killing boars at level 6 and dragons at level 60 :)

  5. I remember when I stepped through that portal when the Burning Crusade launched. I was so excited. Sure enough there was a big ass army fighting with giant demons. “Wow, sweet!” I thought. After a few false starts finally found my way to the first quest hub. And what do they ask me to do for my first ever quest in this new awesome expansion?

    Run outside and kill boars.

  6. For those not familiar with how titles work in LotRO: The repeated killing of X type of mob gains you a title. Killing Y more of that mob gives you what they call virtues, which you can swap in and out of your character to change up your build. You could survive without them maxed out but most people I played with expected that you’d have your classes “core” virtues maxed out for end-game content. 600+ trolls, 400+ worms, 600+ wargs…it was a just a time sink. I like the virtues as a customization system but no one should have to grind out that many kills just for the ability to tweak their character as they like.

    It’s been a LONG time but I don’t recall ever having to kill rats in Everquest more than a handful of times and at very low levels.

    I don’t expect any MMO to just drop everyone into a den of dragons at/near max level but a little logic in the development and level progression of mobs doesn’t seem like a whole lot to ask.

    lvl 1-5 = rats, bats, fish, snails…what have you

    5-10 = small wolves, carnivorous birds, boars, etc

    10-15 = big wolves, weakling orcs/thugs/etc, small bears, etc

    That sort of thing.

  7. 60-65 = dire saber-tooth hellboar, orcish pretender gods, ancestral spirit-bears. :P

  8. 65+ = zombie ninja vampires from space, lightning powered dragons that roar snakes…

  9. It’s just part of the problem with level based games, there is only so much they can do without repeating the same thing. Skill based MMO’s like UO and SWG are able to have unique creatures with different challenge ratings but even they can fall into the same trap over time.

  10. For some reason, I never really noticed the grind in DAoC. I know it was there, but it just seemed to breeze by. I think it’s because the quest system was less meaty, wasn’t constantly being reminded of how many more Bandit Ears I needed.

  11. I’m now horribly tempted to start an alt and see just how far I can go just killing one kind of mob. I’m sick.

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