Guild Wars 2 Dust Bunnies

Apart from the usual forum bickering, there has been some pretty decent detective work regarding Guild Wars 2 the past week or so.  I would like to share.

First, 4thVariety disclosed that he or she keeps notes on trademark licensing and domain registration that ArenaNet has done.  4thVariety does this by comparing the attorney NCSoft uses for ArenaNet work and other work.  Some very interesting tidbits ensue.  On April 11, 2007, was registered by Peter J. Wilsey, who registered other ArenaNet websites.  Guild Wars 2 was announced only two weeks earlier.  On March 12, 2009, the domain name was refreshed.  Could this possibly be the subtitle for Guild Wars 2 – a game where dragons awoke and destroyed nations? (UPDATE: This trademark has gone abandoned.)

The second interesting thing was found from voice actors’ resumes.  It seems that many voice actors are including Guild Wars 2 as work they have done.  Voice acting requires content and story (especially for “two major characters”).  Content and story are one of the final legs of development.  Concordantly… the dawn might be breaking soon.  For a poor benchmark, Warhammer Online released a video podcast on adding voice acting in March, 2008.  Warhammer Online was released September, 2008.  On the other hand, The Old Republic has started voice acting for their fully voice acted epic, which may be as far off as November 2010, or farther.

Regardless, we are going to get news later this year, possibly at the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) on ArenaNet’s back doorstep, or likely after Aion’s launch dust settles.

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14 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2 Dust Bunnies”

  1. Nice detective work! I knew about the voice acting, but the domain registration is new and interesting. Non-expansions (even sequels) don’t usually have a subtitle, do they? Unusual.
    Keep it up :D

  2. I’ve considered giving Guild Wars a shot but I’m always hesitant to jump into an MMO when it’s already got a few years under it’s belt, especially with all those expansions.

    If GW2 is a completely “new” game I may just take a stab. I need a new game (and SWToR is too far off) so this might just do the trick. Aion already bores me Mortal ‘might’ be interesting and I’m waiting for beta on Champions..we’ll see.

  3. The PvE is still very popular in GW. If you’re into PvP then don’t bother wasting your time.
    It’s the only game I play, but from what I’ve heard, it’s farrrrrrrrrrr less grindy than other MMO, and just as rewarding. Gear has almost no impact on gameplay, and maximum level is reached within 10-20 hours.
    Good game, shame about the PVP dying.

  4. I can not wait…
    I am played World of Warcraft few years and then tray GuildWars and my friends i will newer go back. Leveling in WOW from 70-80 take me week and bit and fun was off. Got World explorer Archivment and that is it. Seen it all.
    In guild wars I have now 4 level 20 and fun is just started. Have all new areas to go to. In fact so far i am explore around 30% of each zone.
    Warcraft eated over 1300 hours of my life for my main character and once they decide to put up new arena season my gear is worth of nothing.. yes zero.
    Live GuildWars

  5. @Nox: Guild Wars (1) was originally launched without a subtitle. After Factions, ArenaNet went back and added the subtitle Prophecies to the first Guild Wars campaign. I suspect that they don’t want to repeat this for Guild Wars 2.

    @Hess: Guild Wars is largely soloable. If you like soloing and a story (and a win point), I would suggest picking up Guild Wars Nightfall (best campaign, IMHO) and giving it a try. I believe you can get the first two campaigns for only $10 each now, but Nightfall is better because it has the Heroes.

  6. @Hess: I can’t think of any good reasons to not pick up Guild Wars. It is a quality game with no monthly fee. And I don’t PvP at all.

  7. I’m kinda looking forward to GW2. I played GW briefly but I didn’t like the arcade style of game it offered. There was no sense of a real, permanent world. SW2 has a lot of potential though.

  8. I dunno about content and story being in the final legs of development, at least as far as voice work goes my experience is that they usually start it sooner because by its nature it involves out-sourcing and you wouldn’t want that to hold up release.

    Incidentally those reasons are related to why most games tend to have voice-work that fits in with the overall story but is often short on details.

    My experience on this isn’t MMO-related tho, but it comes from association with audio folks (Tommy Tallarico for one, others formerly from BioWare, etc.).

    So at least as far as voice-work is concerned, I don’t think you can extrapolate a “soon” release from that detective work.

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