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Via Scott Jennings, I don’t think this needs further explanation or comment. Just public shaming. “Commit acts of lust” with booth babes to win prizes? EA, when I talked about game developers and porn stars, I was not implying that you should treat your employees like underpaid prostitutes.

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  1. Forget your stupid Comic Con! I’m gonna make my own! With hookers! And blackjack! In fact, forget the Comic Con!

  2. I feel like there should be some balance to this. Perhaps every booth babe who knees an EA employee in the junk should earn points towards a spa treatment and massage.

  3. Better yet, make a faction rep track with turn ins.

    Knee an EA middle management guy: 100 points.
    Knee an EA high ranking exec: 250 points.
    Knee the EA CEO: 500 points.

    Of course it’s repeatable.

  4. #4 of the contest’s official rules says the judges can disqualify submissions “that are inappropriate for any reason, including without limitation, for depicting or mentioning sex, violence, drugs, alcohol and/or inappropriate language”.

    I find that hilarious. The contest is called “Sin to Win” and suggests people “commit acts of lust” with the booth babes, yet forbids “depicting or mentioning sex” and anything “inappropriate”. It’s ludicrous.

    This is from the same marketing team that faked a protest against the game. Following that ethically dubious ploy with this makes me wonder what EA higher-ups are thinking by allowing them to continue. Obviously, these guys just want to create controversy to create name recognition for the game.

    It also makes me question if the developers are being honest when they say they’re respecting the literature the game is based on. They’re making an action game, so I don’t mind the liberties necessary to accomplish that. But Dante’s tale was a didactic horror story about a good man journeying through Hell, whereas a “Sin to Win” contest is glamorization of evil. They’ve also said that the game’s Dante character has a seedy past. Visceral wants to make Hell and evil more cool than frightening.

    The gameplay footage I’ve seen suggests it will be a good game. It’s basically a God of War for the Xbox 360. But this careless marketing is making me doubt whether I want to help spread the word.

  5. EA issued an apology chalking the problem up to poor phrasing (“commit acts of lust”). I’m not sure I buy it. The game’s last marketing ploy was designed to create controversy. It seems likely this one was, too.

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