Whoever did it

The banner we have up there with the mini-Gwen and the huge Charr is just pure poetry. Whoever did it, awesome shot!

If you don’t see it, refresh until it comes up.

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14 thoughts on “Whoever did it”

  1. *Refresh Button* *Refresh Button* *Refresh Button* *Refresh Button* *F5* *F5* *F5* *F5* *F5* *F5* *F5* *F5* *F5* *F5* *F5* *F5* *F5* Ohh one finally repeated. *F5* *F5* *F5* *F5* *F5* *F5* *F5* *F5* Portal! *F5* *F5* *F5* *F5* *F5* *F5*…

    Do you have any idea just how many banners you have?

  2. “Not Zubon, Julian.”

    Heh, I don’t think I even looked at the author, something about it just said “Zubon” in my head. My mistake.

  3. I asked for this previously and it was done for a while but then they disappeared: it would be nice if the banner said what game it was from. An attribution would also be nice, but I’m more interested in the “wow! I have to try that!” aspect :-)

  4. Thank you all for taking part in the “Will MMO players really grind absolutely any given reward system”. The answer being a resounding and not unexpected ‘yup, of course’.

    The results have been logged in the Great MMO Machine Mind, and will be used to help formulate precisely how to keep human minds occupied while the bodies are harvested for food and energy.

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