Shallow Thoughts by Ravious

PC gaming is just starting to pick up again.  The Ravious Conglomerate moved from a being-foreclosed-on apartment condo to a nice, shiny townhome in order to give Daughter #2 her own room.  I love that Daughter #1 can now dance, skip, and sing all she wants without a crabby, lonely lady banging on her ceiling below us.  I hated yelling at Daughter #1 to not do what a young kid should always be allowed to do.  With the move and ensuing chaos, the past few weeks have been gaming light, but forsooth, I say, there was gaming nonetheless!  It was all just in bite-size form.

Guild Wars: Oh how I love your little Dibs of enjoyment.  The small amounts of farming and bartering at the weekly Traveler’s Market to get the precious gifts are nice quick hits, and I am forever in love with Fort Aspenwood.  It lets me jump in to some fun, casual PvP instantly.  Deathmatch gets old for me, but objective based PvP seems to always be fun (95% of my TF2 time is payload maps).  I put up the build I always play in Fort Aspenwood here

Wizard 101: I hit a stopping point because the evil overlord in charge of the Conglomerate’s accounting (read: wife) says I can’t spend any more money because of the move, security deposit, and feeding/clothing children costs.  I am right at the end of Kroktopia too!  Don’t overlords understand gameplay flow?  The lightning cave in Karanahn Barracks was seriously breathtaking.  I stood upon rocky platforms while a silent lightning storm occurred below; I logged there in quiet contemplation.  Great artistic direction for that one.  Fortunately, a bonus check is headed my way so Mass Effect and a bajillion Wizard 101 crowns will soon be mine.

Lord of the Rings Online: I don’t know how I managed to sneak this one in given the higher activation energy to play, but I did.  Two kinnies and I started on Volume 2, Book 8.  We entered the Hall of Mirrors with nary a walkthrough, and had a blast figuring the puzzles out (even with a 600 silver repair bill each).  Hall of Mirrors is a three-man dungeon with a dungeon-long puzzle of repairing reflecting mirrors to send light to Moria below.  It is fantastically designed and just challenging enough.  Hall of Mirrors and developer blogs get me very excited about where Lord of the Rings Online is headed.  Unfortunately a serious bug at the Defiler/Mistress encounter wiped us to the point where a full, tactical retreat was required.  We are armed with better knowledge (of the instance and bug workaround), and are all excited to return.  Once I have time.

Repent, Harlequin!

4 thoughts on “Shallow Thoughts by Ravious”

  1. I haven’t hit the hall of Mirrors yet. But I did go through Waterworks a few weekends ago (also without any walkthrough), and it was absolutely awesome. Just solving the puzzles and trying to figure out where to go hit so many buttons that I haven’t had pushed in a very long time by any MMO. The final boss somewhat destroyed us, but all in all a very fun time.

  2. I finally got my brain patched up to be compatible with Guild Wars, was really enjoying it, and now I’ve done buggered up my computer so that I can’t play it atm :P

    Luckily Lotro, particularly all the parts of Moria I hadn’t cleared out yet, has recaptured my interests!

    It is a fun time for gaming. I need to keep facilitating that ;-}

    Grats on the move! Now you gotta get that goblin princess DDRing! :D

  3. I’ve found myself going back to Guild Wars in small snippets. The daily Zaishen PvP quests are awesome, and I enjoy vanquishing areas on hard mode every so often.

    I like your Fort Aspenwood build. I’m a big fan of EoE in missions (provided it’s used wisely). Have you managed to get a Moss Spider off the Traveler yet? I seem to have everything but the spider :(

  4. I did! The only good Traveler gift I have gotten. Tons of rock candy and ale, otherwise. Oh yeah, and so many Merchant Summoning Stones, I’ll give them away free.

    Yeah, the turtle hurts Kurzicks good with EoE.

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