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We have been told multiple times that Guild Wars 2 news is coming by the end of the year.  One of the biggest questions and possible news releases by the end of the year is on the use of the Hall of Monuments – an eternal filing cabinet for achievements.  The Hall of Monuments was created, in part, to give Guild Wars 1 players some recognition when entering the world of Guild Wars 2 a quarter of a millennium later.  Linsey Murdock, Live Team Leader, has been pushing for fixed decisions on the Hall of Monuments because once the reward scheme is released maximizing one’s Hall of Monuments for Guild Wars 2 is going to be an extreme focal point of Guild Wars 1 players.  It’d be nice for the caretakers of Guild Wars 1 to have the heads up as to where rabid AKES will be frothing.

There are two obvious measuring sticks for the Hall of Monuments: Maxed Title Ranks and the actual Monuments themselves. Of the five Monuments, four can be reasonably called market-based accomplishments.  The Monument of Devotion displays miniature pets.  Fellowship is a Monument dedicated to rare pets and Hero armors.   Resilience displays elite armors, and finally Valor displays some of the most elite of weapons.  20 miniatures can be cheaply bought, and 5 Hero armors are easily gamed in challenge missions or bought. Elite armors take some time and money but the required materials are easily found throughout the world.  The market-based Monument that I am thinking will eventually create a massive seller’s market is the Monument of Valor.

The Monument of Valor will display only two types of weapons, and it requires 11 weapons to “fill up.”  Tormented weapons are upper crust weapons.  They are hard to obtain, and the current market price seems to be about 43-47 ectoplasms per weapon (200,000-250,000 gold).  Destroyer weapons are available more for a casual player.  Each Destroyer weapon costs 10 diamonds, 10 onyx gemstones, 100 iron ingots, 250 granite slabs, and 5,000 gold.  The market price for a Destroyer weapon is currently about 20,000 gold.

Right now diamonds and onyx gemstones are definitely part of a buyer’s market.  I was buying them all weekend for 300-350 gold each.  One can buy each rare material from the traders for 500 gold each, and they can be sold to merchants for 250 gold.  They are super cheap right now.  Yet when Hall of Monuments reward schemes are released, I am speculating the price on each will skyrocket at least a magnitude.  Diamonds are semi-rare materials with multiple semi-difficult ways of receiving them, but onyx gemstones can only be obtained in dungeon/instance reward chests (with the exception of one non-repeatable quest).

When ArenaNet releases concrete information about the Hall of Monuments rewards, Monuments are going to get hastily filled in anticipation of those rewards.  Players who have ignored the debateably unappealing Destroyer weapons are going to be scrambling for 11 of them to fill their Monument of Valor.  That’s 110 onyx gemstones and 110 diamonds per player.  I would guess that each onyx gemstone represents 1-2 hours of focused player time.  The demand is going to be enormous, and the supply is going to become a slow trickle as players try and farm the quickest dungeon in the most efficient manner.  During the rush to “fill-up” all the Monuments, I believe that the Monument of Valor is going to be the bottleneck.

TL;DR version:  If you plan on filling your Monuments, work on Valor now while onyx gemstones and diamonds are cheap.  Once players see the carrot for filling Monuments, demand for both materials is going to skyrocket.

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12 thoughts on “Guild Wars Market Speculation”

  1. Actually I bought just enough to get me the remaining Destroyer weapons I needed. I have no surplus right now (in fact I need 5 more diamonds). But, I do plan on getting a surplus… Just figured I would share my speculative good fortune. :D

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  3. Damn you Ravious… Too bad all I do is pvp on GW; it appears I need to take up the merchant trade again. -_-

  4. I’m not really fussed about the titles that you can buy. I don’t think they’re going to look very impressive when GW2 rolls around. I’m more interested to hear how levels of the more “skill based” titles will translate into GW2 – the vanquisher titles on the explorer side, and the HA/RA/GvG titles on the PvP side…

  5. @Julian
    At least it’s optional grinding, unlike some games…

    @Melf and Ravious
    I agree with Melf, it’s the titles that can’t be bought that matter to me. I’d also like to know how they translate to GW2.

  6. Well Titles are kind of separate from filling Monuments. The Monument of Honor is kind of different from the other four: it displays only 5 accomplishments, it notes which campaigns/expansions you have beaten, and it tracks the Maxed Titles title.

    It doesn’t seem set up to really distinctly note say beating all HM missions in a campaign and being drunk for 10,000 minutes. I think what they do with Valor will be the most interesting (and possibly the most controversial).

    @Julian: very true. ANet was very surprised that people wanted to keep playing Guild Wars PvE after they beat campaigns. The grind they introduced was as much carrot they could put in to the game for those that demanded sticky content. I think with GW2 they will have a much better understanding of what players except and want, at least I hope so.

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