Dreams Undreamt

A Casualties member mentioned Crimecraft last night. Ah, a gang-based online thing. “I’ve never dreamed of being in a gang, so not really interested.” Then I thought back through some previous games. I never dreamed of being a dwarf that set people on fire by writing on a rock, of making charcoal and growing flax, of summoning headless ice monsters that rained frosty death upon my foes, of being a buffing psychic cyborg, of…

: Zubon

10 thoughts on “Dreams Undreamt”

  1. I wonder, are they going for basically GTA online? Or is that just the setting. Reading on the wikipedia page, gameplay sounds more like typical FPS faire, ala UT3 or Team Fortress.

    We still haven’t seen much for FPS MMOs, so who knows?

  2. Oh wait, not FPS… third-person shooter. Okay that goes with my opinion that shooters that aren’t FPS have an uphill climb.

  3. My wife notes that I paid to pretend to grow flax for a long time. My guild would get together in large teams to grow much flax. Flax power!

  4. You never dreamt about being a buffing psychic cybourg? I thought everyone had those dreams!

    Gangs online is a total turnoff for me. No interest. The only thing I liked about GTA was the bit where you drove around in your car with the CD playing.

  5. Might play it if they had a vigilante gangbanger-slayer faction, but guess it doesn’t, so I’ll pass. :p

  6. Yeah, but for me there’s a difference between dreaming of being a pyromaniacal dwarf and some tribal loser with no education, an inferiority complex and who can’t get a job. Then again, we don’t really have gangs in Australia – so not much to glorify. Dwarves, on the other hand…

  7. No gangs in Australia? You can’t fool me. I’ve watched Mad Max :)

    But I can understand the gang thing. Too much reality for me. Besides, don’t we play these games in some part to be heroes? I have too much experience with gangbangers to think of them that way.

  8. That’s pretty much my reasoning here. I’ve enjoyed ‘evil’ characters in fantasy/sci-fi games, or light-hearted scoundrels, but I have so much utter, real-life contempt for bangers that I wouldn’t want to play one.

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