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I have been considering trying World of Warcraft (last played: open beta). If they are going to remake the world, does that suggest doing so right now, while the original is still available, or waiting, because it needs to be remade and can only get better?

: Zubon

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  1. In my opinion, if you want to try it, try it… don’t wait on rumors that may never happen.

  2. The flaw in this plan: The original is not the original anymore. It’s been gutted so much by the expansions.

    Blizzard either has to do this, or just sink the old content into the ocean. I don’t think the current WoW dev team has much enthusiasm or respect for WoW as it launched in 2004.

    I think though, this approach is highly likely. Think of all the art / assets they can re-use!

  3. Since I don’t believe that post for a hot second, don’t let it influence your decision.

    I mean, the sheer developer time involved… the game in that post ought to be about ready by 2012.

  4. So much has changed since open beta, it’s barely the same game, so why not give it a chance? Leveling is faster, mounts are gotten earlier and cheaper, although the old world is more empty it’s pretty much the same there. The most fun i’ve had though is the Death Knight starting quest chains. Granted you’d need a higher level (55 i think) to make one, it shows how much potential there is in the game and how much has changed. I’m pretty sure you can find a free time way to try it out too, or refer a friend.
    But i’m more about trying all games really, they all have something good, something bad.

  5. I started playing WoW again 2 months ago, with my wife, via the refer a friend triple XP program. We just hit level 55 and have been having plenty of fun.

  6. A friend of mine tried to convince me to come back just yesterday. But, if these rumors pan out, I don’t see why I should bother making a new character now. The way I see it, I’ve been through the content before. When/if they redo the old world, I’m going to want to make a new character anyways, so why not just wait and save myself doing it twice?

    Then again, there’s always the argument that you can do it now and have the previous content fresh in your mind for when you redo it.

    Still, I plan to wait.

    1. If I could start at 70, I think I would be a lot more eager to play. Going from 50-60 in the Outlands seems akin to atonement or something…

      1. It really is not that bad. The transition from the old world to the outlands rules because you keep getting loot from quests that is like twice as good as what you have. It inspires you to quest more to deck yourself out in the phat shit.

        The transition into Northrend is amazing. It literally blew my mind and gave me “that feeling” that you want out of a game. I even re experienced it a day or two later just running to the boat to Northrend. (Northrend also does the gear thing Outlands did, except it does it to Outlands gear so it just double whammies you in the face)

        I came back to WoW as a level 56 and 1 month hasn’t gone by and I’m 70 already.

        edit– Without the recruit a friend thing.

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