The Return of Crafting

Late in the life of Mines of Moria™, Turbine has decided to make crafting a viable part of the economy again for non-consumables. Crafters can now make equipment only a bit below the best looted gear. The best of the best (radiance gear, 1st Age Legendary Items) is still in the chests at the end of big fights, but crafting now offers respectable armor and 2nd Age LIs (roll the dice!). The best crafted jewelry is competitive with the best dropped jewelry, a big win for the jewelers who already had a steady consumable trade in hope tokens.

Most of the recipes for these are on one-week cooldown timers, so do not expect to see the economy flooded. Many are also reputation-gated, so crafter alts will not have access unless they are level 60 and running around Lothlorien.

Mithril flakes: more valuable. Legendary shards: actually useful! Patch 2.8.1 was small but did much to reinvigorate; the new IXP bounty quests are very popular, despite the travel time. By the time Rohan comes along, Moria might be up to par.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “The Return of Crafting”

  1. Yep, but we’re stuck with the insidious radiance grind though. The proposed changes may reduce it, but it will still be there. A clumsy and inept way to make a small proportion of the player base feel better about themselves.

  2. I would characterize the patches since MoM launched as “a series of moves in the right direction that may get us back to where we were SoA era eventually.” There are certainly some innovations that I applaud post MoM. For example the three man dungeons are exceptional. A lot of the solo instances are also a ton of fun (at least the first few times). However, there are still many areas where I feel like we have lost things that we used to have. I agree with Unwize about radiance gating.

    Another personal peeve is the PvP gear. At level 60, not only it the hardest gear in the game to get (the renown grind for it is insane), it’s also the worst set of endgame gear by a wide margin. They took what used to be a deep (and pretty fun) side game, and set it on fire.

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