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I’m not one to take a quote out of context and over analyze it, but I wonder how much exactly was revealed in a statement by James Ohlen of Bioware. He said quote,

“At E3, we did show off a Sith, and today, we are revealing that the Sith that was shown at E3 was specifically the Sith Warrior. Darth Vader was the primary inspiration for the this character class.”

How very nice to reveal that the thing we saw at E3 was a “Sith Warrior”. We saw the red light-sabers, so we’re not surprised it’s a sith. But a Sith Warrior. Is Sith Warrior a class all on it’s own or a sub-class within the greater Sith class? Perhaps there are two kinds of Sith… a warrior and a healer. I really don’t know.

Maybe, just maybe… Sith Warrior is one of three kinds of Sith to be. I guess I’ll get more of a hint if they officially reveal either Sith Warrior as a class or just plain ol’ Sith.

EDIT: While I was reading a thread this morning on the SWTOR general class forum, a thread I was reading was actually moved to a newly created Sith Warrior class forum. This ends all speculation of “Sith Warrior” as being a mere subclass. Subclasses, don’t get their own forum.

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  1. I’d wager that since “Sith” is essentially a FACTION in the game, not a class, they need a way to distinguish the many roles within the class.

    I’d also wager, much as I HATE it, that there will indeed be traditional healers in this game.

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