Guild Wars 2 Trailer and Site!

This early morning (or lunchtime in Germany), ArenaNet finally opened the gates to their much anticipated sequel to the original Guild Wars.  The Guild Wars 2 website has gone live with the trailer available for download or streaming.

The trailer is done in a 2.5D paper-doll fashion (which is why the ship in the first few seconds looks off), and it tells the story of a dragon named Zhaitan raising the sunken nation of Orr.  It’s undead armies then waged war on the five main races of Tyria, which just happen to be the playable races.  The trailer then goes on to show some of the vistas in-game.  It is beautiful, and will likely even give Aion Online a run for the money in best-looking MMO once Guild Wars 2 launches.

I find it interesting that the trailer and website focus on Zhaitan, whose name was not known before today.  Eye of the North focused on the elder dragon Primordus, but the first conflict we are told about is with Zhaitan.  I wonder if Guild Wars 2 will be episodic in that each battle with another elder dragon will bring on a new expansion of content.  Too early to tell.

A few more quickies from the flood of information.  Aside from Asuran “magitech,” the weapon technology of the world seems to be at a rudimentary firearms stage.  There will be day and night cycles in the persistent zones.  There will be instancing, but the hub system of Guild Wars 1 is mostly going to be replaced, which is very interesting.  Hopefully they still keep the same level of map travel as in the original.  The event system is the main focus of getting people working together.

The opening bomb has dropped in great style, and we will be getting lore updates for the rest of the year.  Gameplay discussion will begin next year according to the Guild Wars 2 FAQ. 

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9 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2 Trailer and Site!”

  1. Guild Wars is still my favorite game to look at. This looks a thousand times better. I simply cannot wait to visit those places.

    Races? Polar bears? Mother nature class?

    The mix of technology looks great. Did I see robots? If that little guy is a race (Asura?) and he gets technology and robots, I’m so going to be that little guy.

    I simply cannot wait. This has dropped into the #1 slot of my most anticipated MMOs.

    Cannot wait.

    Don’t make me wait. You wouldn’t like me when I wait.

  2. The Plan for Ethic:
    1) Fly to Seattle
    2) Kick down ArenaNet’s doors
    3) ????
    4) Play Guild Wars 2

    People are feverishly trying to figure out when the game might release. My gut feeling is next April for the 5-year anniversary given the amount of AAA games believably coming out next fall. Other people think late 2010 or even 2011. I don’t think we will get anything more concrete until next year.

  3. Beautiful trailer, beautiful world, can’t wait.

    “There will be instancing, but the hub system of Guild Wars 1 is mostly going to be replaced”

    YES, FFS, YES.

  4. One bittersweet note, though, not necessarily about the trailer or the game:

    I’m getting -sick- of the whole “…but now the races must come together…” lore bit. Enough. Tolkien did and since then it’s been done, and done and overdone. Cut it out. Enough. Basta. No more. Verboten. Cut. This. Crap. Out.

    What I wanna see is the Council of Elrond turning left instead of right and everyone coming to blows. Good God, for variety’s sake if nothing else. I’m tired of “coming together”, “must unite against evil”.

  5. OOh, nice. This is one that I’d actually have been glad to work on, too. (That can’t be said of nearly any other MMO.)

  6. Whoever had the idea of taking all that GW2 concept art they (surely) had piles and piles of, and turning into a trailer should be summarily promoted right away.

  7. Agreed. When it comes to concept art, Arenanet is second to none.
    It’s all so, stylized. And a bit F**D up too, but I like that.

    I just hope the gameplay kicks as much ass as the graphics does.


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