“The Guild” Continues to Entertain

Continuing the proud Internet tradition of cross-linking as much as possible, I must recommend The Guild’s newest video called “Do You Want To Date My Avatar” as an entertaining few minutes. Possibly a bit cheesecakey for your more conservative workplaces, and bound to get you weird looks from folks not familiar with gaming. Watch near the end as they begin to fall out of character for more laughs.

Spotted on Broken Toys, Digital City (which has a nice behind the scenes interview), my LoTRO’s kinboard, and many other places.

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5 thoughts on ““The Guild” Continues to Entertain”

  1. Julian, you’re forgetting to assume that all the female characters are fat, sweaty nerds living in their mom’s basement. I’m sure that’s what they’re getting at.

    Is it bad that I watched this several times and learned the lyrics before finding it posted on KTR? Next time I get propositioned in game, I’ll invite them on voice chat and just play this song at max volume without listening to them. Or just link them. Or something.

    Ooh, an edit button. Me likey.

  2. Kath: I meant Felicia Day exclusively. Her avatar is by no metric known to mankind (and several other alien species) hotter than her reality.

    But yes, point taken. Who hasn’t felt for a beautiful mailbox dancer who’s really a Bubba? I know I have. Get it out in the open, it’s the best way to deal with this. I know I have!

    (cookie for reference)

  3. There’s a bunch of behind the scenes on this now out there, which I recommend as fun reads. Especially Vork. The CBR interview with him and Felicia is a riot. He keeps trying to talk and she cuts him off, leading him to bite his nails for 10 minutes.

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