Good Night / Bad Night

We took down the turtle with a PUG, and I got the shoulders coin. 6/6, and I never need to enter the 16th Hall on that character again.

Then I tried to do 2.8.3. That is a three-person instance, and one of our members was a Lore-master who could not mez (traited it away), remove corruptions (necessary for the fight if you don’t keep them mezzed), deal damage (that we could notice), heal (he didn’t), or tank (he’s in a robe). But he could repeatedly apologize over voice chat for breaking others’ CC by misunderstanding “right” and “left.” In a 6-person group, you have room for one sub-par member. You do not 2-man a 3-person instance.

: Zubon

6 thoughts on “Good Night / Bad Night”

  1. Yet another player that probably rushed to 60 and is now taking the time to learn the class.

    Soloing a LM to 60 without actually knowing what you’re doing would be fairly tough though…power-leveled by friends perhaps.

    Running into these was a daily experience for me in LotRO and eventually drove me to stop attempting pug runs unless the “pugger” came recommended or with references.

  2. A good loremaster or other CC is key to hall of mirrors. I had some bad pug experiences in there as well, so I just bring my own loremaster to do everything up till the last boss, then I switch to my Runekeeper for the final boss fight.

    Corruption removals on the defilers, mezing the swarming bats so they can’t spawn adds, mezing the wolves so they don’t attack together, root-pulling big groups, … they’re all SO much easier with a good LM. But with a bad LM… uh-oh.

  3. Is it just me, or are bad pugger stories ALWAYS interesting? Specially when you try to figure out ‘exactly WHAT are you bringing to the table here?’. Good stuff.

  4. I also find the 3-man instances to be very unforgiving. Tried doing Wheelworks (WW?) with a captain, warden and RK. We couldn’t defeat the end boss no matter what we did. Not enough healing and/or not enough damage.

  5. Managed to do HoM with a Champion, Hunter and my Minstrel (yup, we do exist, and it’s my only toon).

    We wasted a ton of time on the wolves in the second room before we realized that Minstrels can use Herald’s Strike to remove corruption (oops). Hunter handled root pulls, and we didn’t bother to mez the bats or the defilers — we just powered through them.

    It’s a fun little instance, but one of the most challenging.

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