6 thoughts on “No Headwear?”

  1. Yep, that looks about right. I’ve played well over 150 hours (low, compared to previously, but now that I’m at university…) since the hats came out, and i’ve seen maybe four hats drop to people in that time.

    Then there’s that annoying little script someone made that tells the server you’ve got something, when you don’t actually.

  2. I’d say that’s about right.

    The day of the update I actually got my first hat, being the new sniper one.

    I was thrilled to have finally picked one up but it had to be a fairly boring one for a class I rarely play…we need item trading!

  3. http://www.teamfortress.com/post.php?id=2787

    September 2, 2009 – Erik Johnson

    Over the next few days we’ll be removing all TF2 items that were earned using external idling applications. We’re going to adopt a zero tolerance policy for external applications used to manipulate the persistent item system. Due to us not having a policy in place prior to today, this time we’re only removing the items earned through cheating the system. Going forward, if we find users using external applications, we’ll remove all of their items. If you’re interested, only about 4.5% of the players in TF2’s community will be affected by this cleansing process.

    Meanwhile, everyone who took the moral high road will soon be finding a new hat in their inventory. We’ve also significantly increased the chance of finding any of the existing hats.

    We realize there is a high level of demand for items, and we’re still working on systems to allow you to find them in new ways (via Trading, and crafting duplicates into desired items). However, we need to draw the line at running external applications.

  4. Super funny thing: the moral high road hat is a trap. The halo glows, effectively putting a bullseye on your head for Snipers, revealing you in the shadows, and remaining visible on Spies while cloaked.

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