I’ve made my share of posts about “gear gating” with the radiance system in Lotro. I especially hate how some people got the necessary gear by standing in a doorway and using an exploit while that option is no longer available. Well, I’m hardly the first person to complain about these things, and Turbine is actually going to do something. This will be the third system they try with radiance.

At first, they tried having one token drop per run and having everyone roll. For short and easy instances this worked well enough. If you lost the roll, it was just a half hour of your time down the drain, and the group might even be willing to go again. After all, the short instances are farmed for jewelry by people who don’t need the token. For the long or difficult instances, this proved to be a huge frustration. People cried for everyone to get a token.

Then, they implemented the +15 radiance instnaces. Everyone got a token if they beat boss. Hard-mode wasn’t even required to get the token, just kill the boss. But people still usually tried hard-mode for the extra loot. People rejoiced. Of course, they then “fixed the glitch” and stopped the tokens from dropping without beating hard-mode. Sorry no more paycheck for you.

People don’t seem really happy about the first two systems they implemented for radiance. Their goal is clearly to force people to do old content before doing new content. Their goal is to extend the life of the game. But people often feel that they simply can’t do instances like Dark Delving, which means they will never see the new content, and thus the game is shorter for them.

In comes the new third system of radiance: Medallions. Apparently, all the +10 radiance armor is going to be obtained with the same kind of token. That means you can get your precious Dark Delving helmet by running the simplest and easiest of instances multiple times instead. Will this meet the developer’s goal of forcing you to run through their old content? No, but that content is buggy, annoying, and un-fun. Lettings us skip the parts of the game that suck has a better chance of extending the life of the game than forcing us to do it.

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Suzina is a 27 year old who usally plays the same MMOs as her husband. Games played: UO, EQ2, FFXI, SWG, LOTRO.

9 thoughts on “Medallions”

  1. Third time the charm? As someone with only two pieces of radiance gear I like the new system if it gives me more chances to get the gear I need to experience more content in the game. I am a lifer, I need all the help I can get.

    The only thing I did like is the following:

    “p.s. Radiance and Hope have been separated back out again. Radiance will no longer give bonuses to players on landscape, it will only be used to combat Gloom.”

    I need that little bonus my two pieces of radiance gear was giving me :(

  2. Of the various rearrangements they’ve done of the deck chairs, this one looks the most promising. Unfortunately it doesn’t really address the Big Honking Iceberg.

  3. Oh yeah. This was huge news a couple weeks ago. It’s a shame that KTR dropped the ball in reporting about this huge development in a timely and informative fashion.

    It’s obviously a huge improvement to a flawed system, and the current content developers (Orion and Amlung) have let it be known (somewhat subtly) that this is the best fix they can manage in the short-term to the radiance-gear-gating system which they are NOT happy to have inherited.

    Honestly, while I feel that gear-gating is still a fundamental flaw, what they are going to fix with these changes really does treat 99% of the bad symptoms brought up in the radiance system.

    Folks will do the content that they ENJOY. They will eventually then have ACCESS to the all of the content. This is a good thing.

  4. @Moondog548

    In case you haven’t noticed, KTR is a blog not a news service ;)

    On the subject of medallions, I think it’s a good change, though the devil will be in the details. How many instance runs will you need to do before you have enough medallions for a radiance piece? If that number is similar to the current number, I can’t see people being too happy.

    In my opinion, what they really need to do with the radiance system (short of removing it entirely) is to take it off gear and give it out with deeds instead. This would allow people to choose what gear they wear, rather than everyone being forced to wear similar stuff. Look at all that lovely new Lothlorien crafted armour with no radiance! Also, even the unique armour pieces that drop in DN lack radiance *facepalm*

  5. I see the new system as decreasing the amount of content actaully used. Who is going to ever run Dark Delving anymore? PUGs are going to settle on the easiest instance to get medallions from and that one is going to run over and over while other instance go mostly unused.

  6. @unwize

    True, and my perspective is obviously skewed. It’s just that for LOTRO this is a BFD and all we get is four paragraphs of Suzina rather than the usual insight and commentary that makes KTR awesome. ;-} But anyhoo.

    Yeah you’re talking about the fundamental problem with the radiance system that I do hope they fix someday. The devs have already said though, as I mentioned, that they were handed radiance, and they wish they could make it go away but they can’t. I think this change removes the end-user problems of having to run infinite lottery runs of the hardest and LONGEST instances which can all to easily be all for naught and therefor wasted time.


    The number of people who will run Dark Delving is the number of people who ENJOY it. To argue that it should be any other way is simply irrational. This is not a case of folks being given incentive away from content since all the instances have the same rewards. The shorter instances might seem incentivized because they are shorter, but chosing to do them again rather than one of the more challenging instances comes with a cost of tedium.

  7. I nearly agreed with the guy above re: Suzina, but then I realised that since she stopped ranting about Darkfall and its fans being horrible, I haven’t noticed if she was the author of anything. So she must be up to the standard of the others unless you’re looking for a LOTRO news blog :P

    Disclaimer: I have never played, nor wanted to play, Darkfall.

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