Guild Wars 2 Art Book

If Guild Wars 2 was not enough, ArenaNet seems to have really been paying attention to what fans have been asking for in other mediums.  One of ArenaNet’s crown jewels is their art team.  They have produced hands-down some of the best concept art I have ever seen.  Their art constantly appears in trade magazines and books like Spectrum.  Now, they are going to be releasing a hardback, 128-page concept art book for Guild Wars 2.  Fans have been asking for something like this for a long time.  The book’s first showing will be at the upcoming PAX, where they will be giving the books away!  Worry not, those stranded in sunnier climes, the book will go on sale at a later date.

On another note, while Guild Wars 2 news is still coming at a decent pace, some of it is crafted through lore forum theory, wiki postings by the devs, or other “off the radar” bits.  Right now the folks at Guild Wars 2 Guru are doing a great job at putting these blips on a central radar on their front page.  Things like Guild Wars 2 gun concept art!

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  1. Yes, they did, but they afaik were not buyable outside the CE. I think they gave away GW prophecies art books as a game last PAX, but plenty of people missed out on the CEs that wanted an art book. Plus, I am not sure they all hardbound… I’ll have to check.

  2. The ArenaNet people seem to be folks who really care about their customers. I am continually impressed with how tuned in they are with their customers.

    I didn’t like GW for a variety of reasons (inability to jump was brutal for me), but I look forward to GW2.

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