Additional instances cannot be launched, please try again later.

keep jumping through maybe it will work We spent half a night this weekend running around for the Defias Brotherhood quest chain, which showed me a bit of the world. It culminates in the Deadmines, where we spent the other half of the night waiting at the door until everyone gave up and left. Two groups came after us; I don’t know how long they waited. A few of us hopped servers, made new characters, and took them to level 9. Checking that instance portal before leaving for the night, nope, still no dice.

I know it is hard to get good servers and architecture with only $100 million per month or so, and I give full credit for how quickly and easily I can log into the game without queues, but being about to log into the zones is important too.

: Zubon

Update: the last update seems to have worked, at least for me, at least so far. I have yet to be rejected at another instance portal.

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  1. It’s been a problem for months, and one that they can’t fix simply by throwing more hardware at it.

    They’re implementing fixes, mainly to do with offloading instances to another, specialised server in the cluster, but for now, we just have to deal with the instance server being full.

    and believe me, my 25-man naxx group was not happy last night :(

  2. I’ve never done anything near the scale of MMORPG server deployment and maintenance but I know enough about it for it to scare the hell out of me :) I give kudos to anyone who does it for a living! :)

  3. I haven’t had the instance problem, but I have had the Connecting… problem where it sits there for a long ass time, and I’ve also experienced a downed login server.

  4. Aaaarrrrrgh, that problem bugs me for so many reasons. Non-Northrend instances have been insane that way for months. It just got worse when they released the most recent patch–I haven’t been able to get into an old-world instance in a month and a half (and it’s not for lack of trying). Obviously, that’s my main problem with the server bottleneck.
    However, the other thing that bugs me about it is that they’ve kept relatively quiet about the whole thing, when you consider how many people it affects. I’ve submitted a couple of tickets about it, and each time, I get an almost aggressively stock reply along the lines of, “Yeah, yeah, we’re making it marginally better.” I haven’t seen any positive result of anything they’ve done so far, and they’ve taken so long to do anything at all that it seems very cynical.
    I find it to be especially so when you consider that the people affected by this are mainly the “little people”–alts, NEW PLAYERS, achievement fiends… NEW PLAYERS. Do Blizz feel that they have a critical mass of existing players and don’t care about courting the others?

  5. For the most successful MMO that is largely built on instances… I find this flaw, this late in the life of the game, surprising.

    1. There was a long stretch where it was very rarely an issue, at least on our server, which generally suffers from being older and higher pop.

      Then people hit WotLK end game where you do instanced content all the time for raids, heroics, dailies, and achievements and the issue became acute.

      Our regular group has the patience of an ADD rabbit, so we jump at that instance door over and over until it grants us entry. That manic behavior usually gets us in within five minutes.

  6. It’s interesting that players who complain about uncompensated server maintenance/downtime are routinely mocked (“go outside”) but complaining about instance server capacity is widely accepted by the community.

  7. Give them some time, it’s only been 5 years and millions in profit. They can’t exactly get to EVERYTHING, now can they? But while you wait for the best part of the game (instances) to actually work, have you used the barber feature? Dev time well spent there…

  8. Supposedly last night’s maintenance was supposed to implement a large amount of additional hardware, but I will believe it when I am not faceplanting against a nice skull portal.

    The issue has grown so bad on my server I canceled my account with an additional money could not be paid message.

    I may come back when they fix it for good like they say in 3.3 when it all goes to a battlegroup wide instance architecture, but then, maybe I’ll get a life :)

  9. I have to wonder if this is related to instance reset timers or some other bit of per-shard (rather than per-instance) state. WoW’s architecture should (based on some experience tooling around with emulators, which is like passing judgement on a skyscraper based on stacking some blocks in the garden) handle throwing hardware at instances fairly well: last time I looked, each “server” was really at least three, and possibly four, hosts: one for each continent, one for outlands, and one for instances. Basically, any time the game drops to a loading screen, the client can connect to a new host.

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