The Zero-Button Phase

I finally tried a Paladin. I had not realized that they start with no direct offensive abilities. The starting buttons are a buff (click once per level), a heal (not used before you get rank 2 of it), and auto-attack. Then you get more buffs. While in the newbie area, you work your way up to one direct offensive ability, and you use it once per fight.

This means that, aside from renewing your buffs every 10 or 30 minutes, the entire Paladin newbie experience is walking up to enemies and right-clicking them (or hitting 1 once). Once they are dead, right-click to loot. Even when you visit the enemies that will aggro (red, not yellow), you can easily survive fighting three at once, so it is still right-click once per target. Once you get that offensive ability, you can hit that button instead of right-clicking or hitting 1. Again, one press, once per target.

Despite that, it is still somewhat compelling to crush your enemies with a giant freaking hammer.

: Zubon

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  1. The point of the Paladin is that you can do incredible shit, pop the bubble, heal up and survive. Or run away. But you always survive. You can even jump down from dirigibles or the highest mountains, you will survive.

    I personally did not mind the early levels so much, what really felt wrong was how slowly Paladins killed when they got to the Plaguelands [~50), an undead area where I expected them to shine.

    But this probably changed by now with the many positive changes to the class after 3.x

  2. Heh, I hadn’t thought about that aspect of the longer seal durations (30 seconds back in 2004). I’m actually relatively happy with the number of buttons to push as a high level Ret Pally, but it is arguably a problem that you need to be level 60 to get all of them.

  3. I love my paladin, but, man, I tried to go back and play a low level one and it was like watching paint dry. Even the BE that I had tucked away on another server in his mid-40s has almost no additional buttons to press. I got to add exorcism into it, and consecration (both once per enemy) and that was about it. I’m really hoping in Cataclysm they’ll make more of the paladin talents baseline abilities that only work in certain circumstances, i.e., you can only use Crusader Strike if you have a 2H weapon, etc.

    That said, at high levels, they’re easily one of the most fun classes to play, and very easy to get into. If I ever need to show a friend how awesome the game can get at high level, I let him play my paladin for half an hour.

  4. OMG, I’m surprised you haven’t seen old posts about how Paladin’s were for the people that wanted to play & surf pr0n. Walk up to Mob, attack, go surf… come back later, you might be done killing the mob. I know there are many posts out there about this – esp. back in beta, where a Pally was the ultimate class to play.

  5. Wow, that sounds exactly like my experience the last time I tried to start a melee guy in EQ. Hit autoatack and wait. When you use auto attack on a pally, does music with loud trombones start playing?

  6. Back in the day, the saying was “My Pally never dies, but neither does his target.”

    Fighting in the WPL used to be attack judge light, make a sandwich, put laundry in the dryer, loot, repeat– which I might add was a welcome departure for a squishy holy priest…

  7. I do recall comments about low damage, high survivability Paladins, as well as the PvP strategy of “bubble-hearth!” I was still surprised to start a character and see no attacks.

    OTOH, if my wife ever plays, this is totally her class. She liked her City of Heroes Scrapper because she could hit things without other people depending on her to know the finer points of healing, tanking, support, etc. She could survive pretty well and did not care about dying. Same plan here: simple game play, high survivability, the damage has not been too bad so far, and there are buffs and such to make them welcome on teams.

  8. If you level up as Ret the dps gets a lot better and things die alot quicker. You can pull multiple mobs with no problems. I love my pally. She’s practically indestructible.

  9. Besides “level as ret”, download a music player add-on. It makes it so much better.

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