Team Fortress 2’s Pyro brings the perfect elements for the psychotic killer. 1 to use a flamethrower; 2 for shotgun; 3 to be an axe-murderer. The three alternate weapons are another axe, another flamethrower, and a different way to set people on fire. What are we missing here besides a chainsaw?

The Soldier is competitive in this respect. He still has a shotgun, but he gets a rocket launcher and a shovel. Something seems classic about beating people to death with a shovel, but maybe that is just my family. If only it looked more like a garden tool and less like a Glock field spade.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “-maniac”

  1. Heh, I love pyro, particularly on maps with side paths to flank the enemy.

    And the same way that good spies can make life miserable for engineers, a good pyro can drive spies crazy, so dominating them that they switch classes.

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