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Sometimes, I wish I could see a nice before and after of the work being done on SWTOR behind the scenes. I mean, we get to see the Sith Warrior on IGN, and people complained about his walk being too hunched-over, or his light-saber hilt being too big. But we won’t really find out until the game ships if these things have changed. The next time they show us stuff, it’ll probably be a new planet or a new class. It’s not like they’re going to do the whole live-demo again with the same classes and do all the same things.

Oh wait, they did.

I’m sure those who want to nit-pick over tiny details will eventually go through the video and pick out every little thing which has changed. I’m not one of those detail-oriented people, but I can say that the new video of the game looks better. Forget the video quality for a moment… the PAX version of the walk-through just looks like a better game than the live-demo they did months ago.

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3 thoughts on “SWTOR before / after”

  1. I don’t know about details that have *changed*, per se, but did anyone else notice the names of the characters in the flashpoint demo? Gabe and Tycho.. :)

  2. Looks better. Still not one bit impressed about the combat mechanics. I hope it’s just a matter of it needing polish.

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