King of the World

Your song of the day comes from Jason Robert Brown’s “Songs for a New World,” in which “King of the World” is one of the two best songs, although I don’t know how much of that is Ty Taylor’s stellar performance. Today, it reminds us of all those times a boss fight was patched due to “unintended behavior.” They did not mean for you to win that way, and sometimes developers will also pass around bans on the grounds that you should have known better. (More often, everyone who used the exploit gets to keep the loot, even after rushing to use it between the announcement of “unintended behavior” and its removal. See: Mines of Moria radiance armor.) But we will go back and find new ways to defeat them, possibly starting the cycle again.

Why are we punished for wanting to explore?
Why am I sitting in this cell?
I was not challenging the system,
I was working for the people –
I just wanted to be better.
Why are we punished for wanting to survive?
Why am I locked behind these bars?
Tell the children I’ll return to them – tell them!
Someone! Let them know I will be free!
I will not be defeated!
I will stand like a mountain!
And the road will stretch before me,
And they’ll know it’s time to follow
And we’ll lift our eyes
And raise our heads
And face the sun
And tell the future

I’m king of the world

At least I used to be…

: Zubon