Fallen Earth: First Taste

I spent my first evening entering the post-apocalyptic world of Fallen Earth the other day. I don’t want to spoil the beginning tutorial with too many details (because it was actually pretty surprising) so I will just lightly brush on some of it.

You pull an axe from the head of a corpse and then use it on a guard. You find a rifle and use it to defend your position. You heal soldiers. You buy things. You make things. You drive an ATV. All of this is inside the Hoover Dam. You find out the horrible truth about what you are.

Eventually you will make your way to “town”. As you can see in that screen shot, I am fully equipped with two pistols, a crossbow, a 2×4 and a pipe. And I’m only a crafter. The things you need to do just to be able to make something useful.

I climbed up on top of one of the buildings to get a better view. Here is what appears to be the ruins of a monorail system. This is a closer view of town. Down below from here you can see one of the many graveyards just outside of town. I climbed back down and spent some time dreaming about a brighter future. I took one more look at the remains of a possible monorail system. Around the corner I spotted a junk yard. People are already finding a way to make a living. Around town you will spot several forms of transportation, the most common right now is a horse.

I have only just started my adventures so there will be more details down the road, but for now I wanted to highlight two nice features I have not seen done this well before. Both the chat and the inventory can be sorted out by tabs that you control. It is really nice. I really love the ability to make tabs to sort my inventory any way I want to. Weapons and ammo on one tab? Check!

– Ethic

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13 thoughts on “Fallen Earth: First Taste”

  1. Ahh, the monorail. I mentioned it in my blog about impressions of Fallen Earth from the beta — I didn’t find the monorail believable.

    Also, during beta there seemed to be both FPS drops in towns and server lag that affected combat.

    Warhammer Online allows extensive chat filtering to multiple tabs or windows, and some inventory filtering too.

  2. I’ve been watching this game for a while now and I’m terribly tempted to pre-order.

    I’ve no qualms about the sub fee but is it looking like it will be worth the box cost?

  3. @Hess: If you like crafting and deep confusing skill systems and mechanics, then I say it is worth the box cost. It’ll take me months to figure everything out and I am pretty satisfied by games like that.

    @Dan506: I don’t see one so far, the game officially launches on the 22nd so maybe a free trial will be out after.

    1. @We Fly Spitfires: Yes. Very much so as far as I can tell.

      Crafting is the name of the game, people compare it somewhat to early SW:G. If that is good or bad not sure.

      Scavenge for scrap, hunt for hides and biological equipment. Make pretty much everything you need; weapons, ammo, even cars. No classes, pick the skills you want to focus on.

  4. @Ethic
    I’m in! I love a game that makes me think about not only my next move but moves I’ll be making 3 months from now (ala Eve). Those not in-tune with a learning curve beyond “point, click, repeat” will not be interested…all the better.

    I’m getting the impression that this is the kind of game where I can just log in and hang out casually and still have a good time (another thing I loved about Eve).

    Find me on the FE forums as “StringScience”.

    Is it kosher for me to put my “refer a friend” code up here? I’m not sure what kind of in-game goodies you get but it’s worth a shot.

    Not nearly as sandbox as SecondLife (is that a swearword around these parts?) but certainly more so than most traditional MMOs out there today. There are no classes, gimmes or “suggested builds”, it’s all up to you. Ammo, guns, melee weapons armor and vehicles (riding horses, ATVs, motorcycles, dune-buggies etc) are all crafted. There are dropped items but from what I understand the “best” items in the game are crafted, not raided, looted or faction-grind related.

    For anyone that wants a clearer look at how really in-depth with character spec and crafting this game is, I recommend taking a peek around here: http://www.globaltechatlas.info/

    1. I don’t have a problem with you putting up your code. Someone used mine and I didn’t really see anything special happen but maybe that is still being worked on.

      1. Guessing it’s still in the works, like the account binding of pre-order vehicles (http://forums.fallenearth.com/fallenearth/showthread.php?t=19335).

        All it says is “Do you have a friend coming to play or is already playing Fallen Earth? Have them enter referral code XXXXX when creating their account or on their Edit Account page and you both become eligible for in-game bonuses!”

        If anyone wants to cash in on the potential bonus items, my code is: DRPNV7

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