Dear Fellow Facebook User:

Hi, how are you?

I don’t really give a damn about Mafia Wars, or Farmville or any other silly little Facebook games. Crappy personality tests and “what kind of serial rapist are you?” crummy little quizzes are bad enough.

Please stop polluting my screen. Thank you.


13 thoughts on “Dear Fellow Facebook User:”

  1. Apparently Facebook has just passed the 1 million active user mark in Ireland which is pretty impressive given that the population of the country is only 4 million. I have yet to succumb to it. My wife on the other hand is becoming an avid fan and delights in contacting old school friends and such. This is of course in keeping with the news that the growth markets for facebook are the over 35s and women.

    Personally I am quite happy to leave the past behind me.

  2. yup its my pet hate as well, i seem to get 10 invites a day for bloody farmville…that and i get my mates update on him finding a black sheep.

  3. My favorite are the quizzes made up entirely of questions that are commonly used as security/password reset questions on various websites. My need to make sure that you all know my Grandmother’s maiden name and the street I grew up on is substantially less than my concern that someone is going to put this information together and be able to password guess their way into some account I’ve got somewhere.

  4. I use it some, but block a ton, and don’t put certain data up.

    But yeah, like I really want to talk to the people who gave me wedgies and swirlies in school. “what’s wrong dude it was all fun we all made fun of each other” um no that’s not what happened.

  5. I recently gave in and started using it because my good friends use it a lot to communicate (gone are the days of phone and even email now). Facebook is an odd thing.

  6. Came here to post what Jimwise beat me to. Also I don’t add people that aren’t actually my friends. Problem: people on Facebook assume that everyone they know or care about is on there and use it as their only method of sending invitations to events other than weddings. So a lot of people miss out due to Facebook users’ stupidity.

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