Fallen Earth: Need Transportation

After getting my feet warn out on the first day, I decided to look into getting a better mode of transportation.

The first mode was easy. I had a preorder key for an ATV. Typed it in and a key appears in my inventory. Use the key and an ATV appears before me. Click on that and away I go. Level 2, right out of the tutorial and I have a mount. Excellent. I checked the cost of gas and… ouch. I found the garage/stable just outside of town and parked it for later. Special note: mounts have extra storage!

I decided I better get a horse since feed looks cheaper than gas by a long shot. I found the horse seller in town and decided to save up to buy an untrained horse since it was affordable. Time to go scavenging for scrap metals, woods and other items to sell. I also needed to gather some leather to make a bridle to train my horse when I buy it.

I spent a few hours gathering and hunting near town. I found a hole in the scrap yard fence and crawled in to grab some parts from an old computer in there. I even found scrap on the roof tops in town. My love of virtual Parkour comes in handy. Trying to find various ways up to the roof tops afforded me the opportunity to discover kitchens, beds, bathtubs and toilets. Guess we don’t have it so rough out here after all.

Tip for the lady running the armor shop on the roof, provide easier access and you might get a sale.

I gathered enough scrap to sell that I bought my horse and the needed items to train it. Among those items are: one basic animal training kit, several sacks of horse feed, one basic veterinary kit and five pieces of ragged leather to make a bridle. After creating the bridle I would be able to summon the horse, however I noticed an advanced riding horse bridle that would only require one extra sack of food and it seemed like I would have a better trained horse. I decided to go for it and after a short while, I had my horse. Nice to know, crafting goes on in the background and you can do anything else you want, even logging out.

I also figured out how to rotate the camera (alt + right mouse button) so now you can finally see my character from the front. Yes, the first bit of clothing I found that I could equip was a pair of 3D glasses. One final note for now, I have seen quest givers but have yet to actually accept one. There is plenty to do that keeps my interest.

– Ethic

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11 thoughts on “Fallen Earth: Need Transportation”

  1. How’s the PvP in FE? Did you try it in beta?

    I love the concept of FE… if the PvP is active and decent, it may be worth investing some time into it!

    1. I have not tried the PvP at all but I’m not generally one who would care about it’s quality or lack thereof. I’ll try it when I get there but it’s not something that would make or break a game for me.

  2. I’m really looking forward to giving this a shot.. does ordering now provide early access, or is it too late?

    1. FALLEN EARTH, LLC announced today its self-titled massively multiplayer online (MMO) game will be available for pre-order and purchase through Steam®, a digital delivery and management platform for the PC, beginning immediately at http://store.steampowered.com/app/40000/.

      Players who pre-order Fallen Earth via digital download from Steam will receive immediate access to the game and an exclusive Steam® t-shirt for use in-game. When it is worn, the player gains a +5 bonus to the Scavenging, Nature and Geology skills, allowing for easier harvesting of critical components and a higher chance to get rare components from the same harvesting nodes. It also grants a 10+ bonus to the Social skill, enabling the character to get minor discounts from merchants. It is available to players immediately in game.

  3. I purchased after the 9th and still got into the early access. Do note that it’s a large download (600 MB) followed by a massive (~4 GB) patch, so it’ll be a hurry-up-and-wait.

    Also, note that the ATV (and ATVs in general) are currency [i]gluts[/i], taking massive amounts of cash to keep running. That’s not crippling in the latter game, but at early levels you’ll probably benefit more from a horse — slower, but more mobile and a hell of a lot cheaper.

    Zubin, note that you can both salvage and craft at the same time, even when logged off. That might seem like a moot point, but it takes a good minute to beat a piece of scrap copper out of a pipe, so it’s probably not trivial later on.

    It’s very much EVE Online meets Fallout meets SystemShock/Tabula Rasa. Interesting, but not for everyone. Still, the development team has reasonable expectations, and there’s a market for the concept.

  4. @Syn
    There does seem to be a bit of an economy for certain items. From what I’m told the ammo market at lvl 15+ is picking up and things like scrap glass and scrap plastic seem in demand. There were a few people this morning talking about taking orders on motorcycles but I didn’t see any prices discussed in open chat.

    Early access is still in effect and the bonus mounts (horse or atv) are still being handed out. As of right now the bonus items are linked to the character you acquire them with but the devs made a post promising that they’ll be linked to the entire account on an upcoming update.

    I just made myself my first few pieces of armor and weapons at level five. That might not seem like much for some games but considering the amount of materials needed for a headwrap, two gloves, (yes, you make them one at a time), boots, leather chaps, a leather duster (IE cowboy style trench coat), two lawn-mower blades (melee) and two upgraded zip guns…it’s a lot of hunting around for materials which made it all the more satisfying to see my character decked out. I wanted to do some goggles as well but my armor wearing skill won’t be high enough for some time.

  5. Check out Massively’s useful guide called Beginner’s guide to horse crafting in Fallen Earth. It’s fairly cheap to grind the cash needed to buy one, but according to the guide it’s even cheaper to “craft” one, by training an untrained horse.

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