Further Frontiers in Quality of Life

Why it’s City of Heroes, of course, Issue 16.

Super-sidekicking: “Each player in the group’s level is set to the level of the owner of the active team task. If no team task is selected, everyone in the group’s level will be set to the level of the team leader.” You earn xp while exemplared, so everyone can always team with everyone.

They used to let you change your game difficulty with a simple 1 to 5 slider. That is now two sliders and two toggles. Max difficulty lets you solo against level [your level +4] enemies spawned for a group of eight. Minimum difficulty lets you solo against level [your level -1] enemies, with bosses changed to lieutenants and archvillains changed to elite bosses.

Want to change your look? Change your powers’ colors or animations, individually or collectively, including new weapons for the weapon-wielders and animations for the “I hit things” powers. Preview all those animations and enjoy the newly tabbed costume creator. If that is not enough variety, you can set these separately for each of your costumes. Are we still limited to 5 costumes per character and 36 characters per server? I might eventually run out of things to decorate. Oh, and every class got at least one new power set, although only one is completely new, the rest being proliferated from other classes.

Masterminds got Thermal Radiation at the same time that they got power customization. Want to bet on how many ninjas covered in black fire are currently rampaging across the Rogue Isles? I do not see any new missions or task forces, but the graphics overhaul probably took two-thirds of forever. There are developer diaries.

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  1. No new missions (well, not as such – revisiting old ones with the new difficulty options results in a radically different experience) but there is one little bit of new content, or rather, a return of some old content. Take a walk around Steel Canyon, you’ll notice some long-gone faces have come to rejoin the party.

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