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Unlike most games, WoW lets you “earn” experience by being in a group with someone of far higher level than you, watching as he slaughters hordes of enemies at your level. Sure, you get reduced experience, but your xp-per-minute is great at 0 risk.

At least on my server, low-level characters seem to expect others to do things for them. I presume that most are alts. It is easier to ask guildmate Bob to run you through Deadmines than to find a group for it, and you need not worry about losing rolls on loot. And could you do it when I am at the minimum level to enter the dungeon, so I can get better xp and loot? And could you summon me, because I cannot get there safely on my own? I occasionally see people LFM for groups, but they are usually looking for someone to run the dungeon for them.

The cycle: you can’t find a group because everyone has level 80 friends run them through, so you have a level 80 friend run you through.

This becomes a problem when you slip and actually group for group content. A Warrior invited me to a dungeon then asked who could tank. All the enemies in the place (and everyone he invited) were higher level than him: great for him! Turns out I was one level above what the meeting stone would summon: even better for him, and not his running problem. Still, I wanted to finish some quests, so I would pick up a few other quests and meet folks there. Except that three of five stood in town and mentioned occasionally that they would like to be summoned. When I passed through Stormwind on the way there, I noticed the Warrior arguing with the religion spammers IN ALL CAPS that ALIENS pretended to be FALLEN ANGELS in the Bible and would try to DECEIVE us in COMING YEARS. The three were still standing in town when I got to the meeting stone, where the other member had gone AFK, got ganked, and was still AFK when I quit after waiting out the hope reservoir. As I left, someone mentioned that he might be a bit slow because he was painting his house.

This presents a higher level of crazy than usual, but standing around with a sense of entitlement seems to be a norm. Give me what I want; give it to me faster; if I actually have to spell out what I want, ur a griefer or noob lolsauce.

In LotRO, we sometimes become annoyed with new players for not already knowing what to do when we have run the quest line four times before. In WoW, they seem to become annoyed with new players because newbies expect party members to “show up” and “do things.”

: Zubon

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  1. “Unlike most games, WoW lets you “earn” experience by being in a group with someone of far higher level than you, watching as he slaughters hordes of enemies at your level. Sure, you get reduced experience, but your xp-per-minute is great at 0 risk.”

    Uh unless something’s changed sometime in the last couple of months, this isn’t the case at all. In fact you suffer a diminished XP hit if you group with someone who’s significantly higher level than you are. I attempted to help a friend “power level” his character on my priest some time back, and when we were grouped he got no XP whatsoever if I helped a kill in any way– whether I attacked the monster once or healed him while he did. Even if I dropped the group and followed behind him, as long as I had anything to do with the kill he got zero XP from it. Eventually we just gave up because there was nothing I could really do to help, and I didn’t feel like leading him around killing monsters to get him quest completion.

    Now this is different than an instance run though, because usually people want to be run through those quickly to finish the quests at the end of it. But in terms of XP I haven’t seen any in quite a while if I was grouped with someone well outside my level range.

  2. Haha!

    That was a great reas and in now way “higher” level of crazy then normal for WoW ^^

    People not moving to an instance is one fo my biggest pet peves, how do these people manage in day to day life!

  3. @Joshua – I have a feeling something has changed. no proof, but the number of people asking for power-runs seems to be huge.

    I know the recruit a friend scheme makes powerlevelling stupidly easy – you can get from 11 to 21 in less than an hour running deadmines with an 80 pulling it all, then move to stockades or gnomer and repeat. totally ridiculous.

    @Zubon: yeah. the number of people who just expect things to be done for them is astounding at the moment, and all it leads to is people who then don’t know how to play their class in a proper group run.

    “Give me what I want; give it to me faster; if I actually have to spell out what I want, ur a griefer or noob lolsauce.”

    sadly totally right, and now in guilds at 80 it’s so annoying to try weed out people who come in with that mentality and expect to gear up on the backs of others.

  4. Yeah… wowers are generally lazy. You need to boss them up a bit. And if you ask twice “okay, who will help me summon?” and noone answers within 5 minutes, leaving the group is probably the best option anyway.

    As for instances done by lvl 80 and his tiny friend – it was called “boosting” in my time and was indeed performed only for gear and quests. There was virtually no exp to be gained that way. Many people did want it, as many people did want free gold from me – this is why we keep making the word “newbie” shorter and shorter. Also, /ignoring these people early on gives you an easy way to avoid pug-ing with them for heroics and raids later :)

  5. Hey, I pay 15$ a month for this game so you had better entertain ME dammit!

    Yes, people are incredibly lazy about getting summons. Trapped in Ironforge while your Hearthstone is on cooldown and you want to hit Heroic Nexus? Okay, I can be forgiving about that, but if you’re sitting in Dalaran doing nothing instead of hauling ass to the meeting stone… welcome back to LFG.

    One of the joys of being the group leader is that you get the almighty “punt from group” button.

  6. Even in guild raids I will leave Dal and arrive at the instance while they are still asking for summons. That annoys me so much.

    And I don’t dare let an under 13 avatar friend me in Wizard 101, or let someone friend me I haven’t talked to first. It’s constant begging all the time.

    If you don’t help you are selfish. If you have a problem with being forced to help you are even more selfish. Just like real life! ;)

    I am not surprised because I meet people every day with this attitude. Not that they themselves feel so entitled as much as they have no problem with the idea that others are entitled to the work or money of other people. Of course I work at a non profit so I should expect it, but it always shocks me to hear those sentiments.

  7. People in WoW being lazy and inconsiderate…nothing new, unfortunately.
    But *religion* spammers? Really? First time I hear about it. And I thought I’d seen it all…

  8. I’m glad someone else is bothered by this because it’s one of my biggest problems with WoW. For a MMO, it doesn’t seem to actively encourage grouping. Exp gain whilst in groups isn’t very good at all (and you’re probably better off just soloing quests) and getting a group together is a royal pain. Everyone just wants to boost through dungeons.

    The solution? Simple.

    Prevent ALL exp gain from grouping with someone too high and increase group exp bonus.


  9. All removing XP gain will do is kill the little grouping that is done.
    Sure high levels won’t boost people through dungeons.
    Instead people just won’t go through dungeons or do any group quests.
    I don’t think that’s really a solution.
    Because what is the core problem?
    Is the core problem people want to be boosted?
    Or the core problem people are not attracted to the group content anymore?

    Human nature tells us the first problem, people wanting to be boosted, will never go away, so there’s little point in trying to stop it. You will just create perverse incentives that make things worse. (Such as the xp penalty for grouping so people wouldn’t get through the content too easily, instead made people avoid grouping for soloable quests) This is what usually happens even in real life when we try to discourage behavior.

    Which leaves us with our core problem, all this group content no one wants to do.

  10. The way the Discworld MUD solved this to a certain extent is that killing mobs only nets some experience, it’s burying that gives the majority of xp. Burying a corpse also nets you a boost in guild points (essentially mana), so it’s fairly customary to have an arrangement where the highest-level person (or the most motivated person doing the leading) also does the burying. This lets them then charge into the next set of mobs with all guns blazing (backstab/behead/spells), while the noobs being boosted have their mana regen at a slower rate, hacking while they can and hoping that they’ll do a lucky hit to get the extra shot of xp from the coup de grace.

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