Siege of Mirkwood – Date & Details

Announced here: Will launch on December 1st in North America.

The LOTRO Lifetime Membership is now available for $199.

Any current or former player who renews or upgrades their subscription to any multi-month plan by October 31st gets the Siege of Mirkwood digital expansion for FREE!

All players can pre-order the new LOTRO Adventurer’s Pack which contains 2 character slots and one shared storage slot that allows players to share items with all of their characters on the same server for $19.99 and get the Harbinger’s Cloak which provides 8% speed boost and the Dusky Nimblefoot Goat mount for FREE!

Starting today, existing Lifetime Members who pre-order the LOTRO Adventurer’s Pack get the Siege of Mirkwood digital expansion plus two in-game items (Harbinger’s Cloak which provides an 8% speed boost and a new mount) for FREE!

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19 thoughts on “Siege of Mirkwood – Date & Details”

  1. This is facinating for two separate reasons.

    – The multi-month plans in question include $30 for 3 months. If you want the $20 expansion plus at least one month (at least $10) sub, you can wait til Dec 1 and pay at least $30, or you can sign up by Oct 31 and get three months plus the expansion for that same $30.

    – So the adventure pack is $20 for two character slots, a shared bank, and some bonus items. Is this the first step towards an item shop?

  2. Why is it that, though they have offered stuff FREE!, I feel like something extra is being taken away or charged? It is probably the “buy it now or pay twice as much later!” offer, especially since it amounts to “buy it or be stuck below the level cap where everyone else is playing!”

    1. At a guess? From what they’ve announced Mirkwood will include a new region, a raid, a couple of instances, and some mechanical fixes. In other words about the same amount of new stuff as SoA Books 9 (Helegrod, Everswim), 10 (Annuminas instances, session play), or 11 (the Rift, housing, Goblin Town, DX10 support). Except you didn’t have to pay 20 bucks for those.

      1. I kind of rofl at this ignorance. It seems you, like a lot of people who just want to find negatives here, are completely ignoring that massive piece of technology called the Skirmish system. This stuff has been in development for over a year…hardly something to brush off.

        1. Far from ‘just finding negatives’, I’m looking for a reason to re-subscribe. They just haven’t provided me with one (and no, the skirmish system, while it looks like it might be amusing for a few minutes, ain’t it). Housing spent quite a bit of time in development too. Does that mean it is ‘hardly something to brush off’?

          I don’t give a boar’s buttocks how long a system took to develop. I *do* care about how interested I am in it (and, in the case of MMOs, if a company wants me to plunk down my multi-month subscription, how much I trust the developers to steer the game’s development in a direction I’m interested in).

  3. Perhaps I’m being overly cynical, but there’s a certain whiff of desperation about this. Whatever happened to the idea of subscription fees paying for regular content updates? If the ‘Adventurer’s Pack’ were half the price and contained basically cosmetic goodies (a la CoX boosters), or if they moved to the DDO free-to-play + micropayments for certain content model, I’d find it less objectionable. As it is, my lapsed subscription will be staying lapsed for the indefinite future.

    Pity, pre-MoM LotRO was a wonderful game, and even MoM had some real high points. Sic transit gloria medius terra.

  4. I don’t know it seems pretty good to me, and free to many: “You can choose to go into a multi-month price plan, save about 33% over regular monthly fees and get Mirkwood for free! If you’re already in one of our special Founder’s multi-month plans, then as long as you keep your account active through Mirkwood’s launch you’ll get Mirkwood for free. Lastly, if you happen to be in a $9.99 monthly plan from launch, you can switch to a multi-month plan at the same base rate and get Mirkwood for free.”

  5. I am really looking forward to the skirmish system: “Skirmishes offer endless action in repeatable, randomized instances where players can create and lead customizable soldiers into battle, training them to greater skill as they earn victories against the forces of shadow. Answer the call of war wherever violence erupts with the new “World Join” function that lets players and their fellowships band together to fight in various locations throughout Middle-earth.”

  6. I’m really mixed on this. Though my subscription lapsed some time ago part of me still wants to love this game.

    Being as they’re now selling SoA+MoM for ten bucks off the website I can’t say I’m surprised that they’re charging for what might have once been free content. You’ll need this to access the next full expansion and I’m willing to bet it’ll be attached to it for the same box price, aside from deals they give to lifers (to appease them) and multi-monthers (where the real money is made).

    This Adventurer’s Pack thing is nothing but a pre-holiday cash grab. Selling character slots, a shared storage slot (why only one? people can mail stuff just as easily) and some disposable in-game content is very much like an item shop. They could just put all this into Mirkwood as part of the “upspansion” but they know people will shell out extra bucks for a few gimmes.

    Going forward I wouldn’t be surprised at all if we start to see housing stuff, creep skins and fancy looking cosmetic armor in packs for extra cash as well.

  7. I see it as a hidden tax on hard core players. Those of us who haven’t yet hit 60 (Though I just did like three days ago) and don’t have time to raid can just pass on this for a while. Still I think you for sharing the info and you were the first ones in my reader, just so’s ya knows. Darren on Common Sense Gamer got it up after you guys. Lastly, I’m looking forward to seeing Mirkwood and I don’t care if I have to pay but I won’t be upgrading all my accounts for this, prolly just my main one for now, unlike Moria. Dollars are tight and perhaps the recession has hit at Turbine as well. Hence the slightly increased need for cash this Christmas.

  8. You know, after pondering, I’m in. I think Turbine will give me $20 worth of entertainment over the next year, sunk costs be damned, and I am interested in the skirmish system. Being a verbose blogger, I will spin that out into a post sometime soon.

    1. The site you have requested is currently unavailable due to maintenance.
      We apologize for this unexpected downtime and thank you for your patience.

      Hmm, the “Get it now!” button doesn’t work. Omen?

      Edit: ah, there we go. Okay, hard-earned money converted to decorative pixels.

  9. It is a bit a change of their business model, away from subscription fees and going towards paying for features. They will sell more and more features in future.

    20$ for the “adventure pack” is a lot money for something that some time ago would have been a free feature for everyone.

    This reminds me of Guild Wars and their “buy for 20 bucks in the online shop, and get Eye of the North and/or the bonus mission pack for free” campaign. The bonus mission pack was, not unexpectedly, later sold in the item shop for 5 bucks.

    People will want this adventure pack, at least they will probably want the shared account storage slots.

    I do not like this “offers” model, it makes people pay quite a lot for 2 slots and shared storage, which potentially could also have been a free update. It is just a marketing spin to make it sound better to tell people they will get something for free if they buy this or that.

    The offered deal is: Buy 3 months gametime (~30) plus the adventure pack (20) and you get Siege of Mirkwood for free. In the end you paid 50 bucks. OK, you got 3 months gametime extra, but you already paid them now, in advance.

    It is not really such a good deal for us players, I am afraid.

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