Alganon Beta Keys

Update: keys given out, thanks all! Feel free to keep being happy!

I try to make a practice of not caring about games more than a month from release. Alganon has just cleared that bar, with a Halloween release scheduled. Yes, it is YAFMMORPG, but I would like to highlight two things. First, they are trying out multiple simultaneous systems of advancement, the last of which is in real time, ala EVE Online:

Action, Ability, Skill and Study Systems
Character Progression in ALGANON is based on four core system. Actions are what characters carry out during game play, such as a special attack or a tradeskill, etc. Abilities represent a point-based distribution system allowing the character to focus on specific class-based specialties. Skills are the underlying methods of growth in utilizing certain areas of class-based focus, such as a character’s skill in swords, or a specific profession. Studies are the core support base for all other systems, allowing characters to grow over time at the same rate as all other players.

The other is that there will be an in-game directory, ala Civilopedia or the many game wikis, that will be built by players’ actions in-game. This is less flexible than a wiki, but it is baked in, rather than an external tool.

The Library
Both the Asharr and Kujix capital cities contain a grand library. Players who are contributing to the Library must contribute the information in person while Access to the Library is available from anywhere within the game via the User Interface. Through this interface, players can research items, creatures, magic, tradeskills, and learn about the history of the world and what families, guilds, and people have made amazing achievements. These libraries serve as the central hub of information for each side.

Also, they have passed us some beta keys to give away. It is hereby a shallow contest of the following sort. We enter new MMOs with much negativity, either bitterness towards our last game or cynicism towards the new. To start things on a positive note, your contest entry is to post a paragraph on why your current game or significant other makes you happy. Happy, shiny thoughts! I have 15 keys to pass out, and I will start making selections once I get home from work Friday (~5pm Eastern) so you have something to do over the weekend. If I have more than 15 by that time (likely), I will pick my favorites.

: Zubon

Update: I hereby judge all comments to have been in the spirit of the contest, and I have awarded all the keys accordingly. Feel free to continue adding your happiness, but I am out of keys.

21 thoughts on “Alganon Beta Keys”

  1. I’m happy because my significant other plays with me in my current game of choice. :) I keep telling people in game they should get this in their lives when they say they need to ask their spouse to stay later in the game!

  2. I went back to DDO during the Unlimited beta, and bought myself half a life membership. I wasn’t sure it was going to work out, but I’ve been having a blast.

    I love the DM voiceovers. They add snippets of immersion that really flesh out the ambiance and help make the content memorable and repeatable for me. Traps, too, add relished challenges I haven’t seen elsewhere. At higher difficulties, playing without a rogue, sometimes a minute or two of discussion will precede how we can survive a trap with our assortment of magic trinkets and spells. I like that spells are useful and varied enough that choosing which to bring along is not always easy. Most of all, I love that the community is small enough and disorganized enough not to have complete information on every aspect of the game, and not to have widely accepted “best builds”, so that I’m free to theorize and experiment to my heart’s content, knowing there’s almost always a way to make a concept work.

    Some friends tried to drag me into EQ2 this week, and the whole time, I was just thinking how much happier I’d be playing DDO. :)

  3. My current games make me happy because they provide me with different forms of entertainment. Fallen Earth lets me roam a wasteland looking for treasure, WAR lets me battle it out with a hundred other people and Aion is something new.

    My significant other makes me happy because she puts up with my MMO playing habits :) Overall I feel very lucky I am in a position to just be able to play these fine games, many people cannot.

  4. I am happy with my games, actually, not my game. I like to explore as many worlds as I can. To me, I am in one giant MMO called “Beau’s Universe” and all the games I play are individual shards, instances of entire universes for me to visit.

    I have begun to convince others that there is nothing wrong with exploring one game at a time, and in fact the activity paints more of a “gamer” picture than staying only with one. I have entirely too much fun finding these new universes with my wife and friends, and there are always more.

    I am from the school of thought that says gaming is in the best place it has ever been, but not will be. The future only looks brighter as technology allows us to play with more and more different people from all over the world.

  5. The phrase “current game or significant other” made me grin because for the addicted gamer, life can be a balancing act between the two. :)

    My current game of choice is WoW and one of the things that makes me happy is that it’s great for both my husband and I. We’re different types of gamers. I like to group, socialize, I’m an officer in my guild, I raid, etc. My husband is more shy. He prefers to solo (or quest with just me), maximize his achievements, craft, do dailies, and play the auction house.

    WoW has a lot to offer to both of us in our different gaming styles, while still letting us play together and share the hobby. We level characters together and talk about what we’re doing in the game (together and separately) every day. I love it that we can so deeply enjoy such different aspects of gaming through the same game.

  6. I’m not currently playing game – my happiness rating is low. With a key for Alganon that could all change… please make me happy Mr. Zubon!

  7. I have played “the heck” out of wizard101. Yup, hardcores laugh at the mere mention of my carebear game. But I tell you now that there is nothing more sparkly and happy than running around in wizard city commons skipping alongside your heart to the ultra-fun music humming in my headphones. I’ve been hardcore into stupid little fly-by-night games like everquest and wow and lotro and pacman, but wizard city brings the awesome powers of the rainbow unicorn and gold-flinging leprachaun; so as far as I’m concerned, who needs a dreary cataclysm to sew-up their eyes, stitching it mindlessly to the screen? Not me. I’m happy right here with my whole family finally playing an online game together. So as I say at the end of every post on my blog dedicated to the game: Happy dueling!

  8. I tend to switch around to different games as the mood strikes me, but currently I’m playing WOW and fairly happy with it. Coming back after a 4 month break left me plenty of things to do, rather than grinding though content when it was fresh out of the grinder. They game has been made more friendly to casual play/raiding, allowing anyone who wants to put a little bit of effort into heroics to get decent gear. This helps close the gap between the hardcore and the casual player. Personally, I’m somewhat in-between, I enjoy my time raiding, but I’m also content to go after old instances or spend time fishing.

    My wife and I both took up WOW’s offer to faction switch and move to a server where friends of ours play. We got in a good guild, and really are enjoying the time spent with our friends there. That tends to be what keeps us playing along, which is no different in our mind than going out to dinner with friends. But we are content with our WOW playtime, gives us time to spend together not only as a couple, but with mutual friends as well.

  9. My Significant Other makes me happy because until we get pregnant, been trying for over a year now, she lets me play games. When the happy day comes along, and we find out that we will be three, then she tells me my gaming days are numbered.

    The more games I can try to play, the better.


  10. Plants vs. Zombies makes me happy, not simply because of the endless cascade of discoveries and prizes it showers on players, but because my five-year-old daughter will sit beside me and shout “Put a chomper there! Oh no, he’s eating my puffshroom! Cherry!”

    Then on the way to kindergarten, she’ll be a peashooter and knock my zombie head off.

  11. My one year anniversary is 2 short weeks away. Michelle (the significant other) has made me feel happy in ways I didn’t even know existed. I don’t mean that in any prurient way (though we do enjoy those endeavors on occasion). Every night and every morning I get to plant a smooch on a woman I still see as out of my league. Every day we make one another laugh. We get to share the joys of a nice enough apartment, in a nice enough part of town with a tongue-in-cheekily named mutt, Einstein (he SO is not). She really does make me insanely happy.

    As to games, well I’m enjoying the heck out of Champions Online. I went into it not expecting it to absorb every waking hour, and bought it on a lark after a suggestion from a non-MMO gamer friend. I like the variety of characters, and dabbling my way through the content. Exploring new game worlds and systems without feeling the need to race through it so I can help with raiding or any of that hooie.

    Alganon’s advancement systems intrigue me greatly!

  12. My significant other (wife) actually is the one who got me into mmo’s in the first place. we have been playing guild wars for 3 years now. i love the graphics (MUCH better than wow, and some of the others) the skills are easy to understand, the whole feeling of the games seems comfortable and easy to play, and you dont have to grind your life away just to get to the next lvl. probably the best thing about GW is that it is not pay to play. My wife and I have spent many hours playing GW getting thru all the campains. she is trying to get 30 titles maxxed now, and i enjoy helping her get through the hard parts. Maybe not the best part of the game, but the best part of my day, is wheni have time to sit down and do something other than what i have to do tommarrow, just a good chance to relax, and enjoy some time in game.

  13. Well, I am too young to have a significant other…but there is this very pretty (ok – hot) girl I know and I’m sure she would think I was really cool if I got a beta key for Alganon. Also, I’m home schooled so most of my friends live in my computer – well not really – but the games I play make me happy because I get to meet a lot of interesting people. (and I would love to have a beta key please – happy shiny please!)

  14. I’m actually quite pleased at the mmo market right now. I’m what you might call a casual gamer, but I’ve been beta testing since Everquest 1! I feel MMO’s are like mini vacation, a chance to go somewhere and spend hours doing whatever you want. Hey, I can’t kill 10 rats in real life, so I do it in game. MMO’s provide that distinct getaway to whatever universe you wish; space, fantasy, or even mythic. It’s up to the player to make it as enjoyable as possible. I’ve been playing Lord of the Rings Online since beta, and I must say I enjoy every day. The rich lore, the overly adult audience, and the sense of antiquity is richly appealing. I can’t stress just how excited I am for the future too. I remember the first time I walked the plains of Everquest and saw my first ruins out in the middle of nowhere. I actually did screen captures just because it was the first unique experience I had had in gaming for some time. Suddenly it was that hour long trip from Qeynos to Faydark that appealed to me. I didn’t care if the mobs were hard, or the level tier, or even the skill set. What I enjoyed was BEING in that world and seeing experiencing things I had never seen.

  15. The games I play make me happy because they feed different preferences and values that I have. I’m currently playing 3 MMORPGs; WoW feeds my desire for coordination and team participation through raiding, LOTRO for immersive story-reading and -telling, and Aion for social and gameplay interactions that feel fresh/new/vital. Non-massively multiplayer games that I play also generally make it into the rotation when they have some unique characteristic that occupies its own little portion of my brain (Braid for instance incorporated creative problem-solving that the aforementioned 3 games rarely if ever do).

  16. I’m a pretty lucky guy right now, as both games and my girl make me pretty darn happy. First of all, she allows me to play games, and that seems to be a pretty rare thing these days. Secondly, and most importantly, she finds some way to amaze and surprise me on a consistent basis. Whether it’s leaving me a nice note, cleaning up around the house, or picking an action movie over a chick-flick, or offering to play some new game with me, she seems to find new ways to surprise me all the time.

    It’s pretty amazing to look over, and realize she’s not just my friend, but my life-long partner.

    I’d be a REALLY lucky dude if I was playing Alganon too!

  17. I hereby judge all comments to have been in the spirit of the contest, and I have awarded all the keys accordingly. Feel free to continue adding your happiness, but I am out of keys.

  18. If it’s too late, I suck, therefore I can’t be happy. On the other hand, I play LOTRO with the best guild on our server with many friends and even my sister. Therefore, I must be happy, regardless of my first statement.

  19. I’m sure it’s too late but… a guy must try ; ). I’ll love to have a beta key. this game looks awesome.

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