Visiting the Exodar

This has an interesting, ethereal vibe. The layout will take some getting used to, but so did Stormwind, and it’s not as though I have any reason to come here often. The crystals are kind of neat and — why is there a laser light show in the big chamber? Not, like, mystic images, these are holograms of demonic foes. And there is some kind of giant light being in the basement.

Part of me thinks that this is perfectly proper. The Burning Legion is a bunch of demons, the forces of darkness, and they are opposed by the forces of light. Going literal is actually pretty creative, rather than taking the traditional Western path of having angels in opposition. (Does that make Aion creative for taking the standard Western path in a Korean game?) All this time people were talking about being blessed by the Light, and here it is. Part of me wonders why aliens on spaceships with lasers are in a fantasy setting.

Part of me thinks of Robert Asprin and “demon” as basically another word for “alien from another dimension.”

: Zubon

I like their towns in Outland more.

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  1. Don’t worry, when you get to Northrend all that scifi nonsense goes away and you can visit airships, build your own motorcycle and fight giant robots with tanks. ;-)

  2. Always wondered where the Exodar was originally built. According to WoW lore (which I found under the mat at Blizzard’s door. Someone forgot it outside) it was one of the building/ships, one of three (I think) like the ones floating in Netherstorm. The names escape me right now.

    But from what you can see and gather from looking at the Draenei and their surviving settlements, including Shattrath, doesn’t look like the kind of people that would build something like the Exodar. Doesn’t look like they had any place to build it either.

    It’s not that I mind the idea of a people first invaded, reduced, hunted, descending to tribalism and scattered, ruined settlements all the way from their former glory, and at the same time still having around these wonderful dimensional city-ships from better days. It’s a good setting. WoW just didn’t make it fit quite right.

    I know. I lose a lot of cookies just for talking about WoW lore, but hey.

  3. I love the Draenei and the Exodar. Their newbie experience is second to none and the story is excellent. Personally I think the aliens thing fits in quite well.

  4. It was actually the Naaru, (the light being in the basement is one of them) that built the Exodar and the rest of Tempest Keep in Netherstorm. They’ve ferried the draeni around the galaxy ever since they fled from their homeworld of Argus.

  5. Yeah, the Exodar very specifically isn’t draenei engineering. It’s naaru engineering.

    What are the naaru, you ask, other than one of the major McGuffins of Burning Crusade? Good question, to which we have no good answer.

    The holographic demon zoo in Exodar is a very nice bit of content design. More like that, please, Blizzard.

    And, yes, ‘demon’ is just fantasy talk for ‘alien from another dimension’. Possibly ‘alien that eats and breathes magic instead of having a more conventional metabolism’, depending on how one interprets some of the WoW lore concerning demons and the demonization of certain races and animals. One of the easily forgotten cornerstones of WoW’s lore is that magic is corruptive and tends to make you insane and evil. Thus ‘demon’ == ‘evil magic thing’.

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