Thoughts at Level 70

One merit the Burning Crusade has over classic WoW is being compact. I understand that a quest chain sending you to five zones across both coasts of both continents is supposed to feel epic, but it is just a lot of travel. BC also benefits from contrast with “things to keep you busy at 60” versus content you are supposed to move through. For much of the level 60 classic content, I stopped considering it before even calculating how much grind there was. As a latecomer, I get to skip that. Sorry, veterans.

There is far more content in BC than you need for 10 levels. I went through 4 zones with 0 instances, which was about 9 levels. I entered at 60.5 (from playing around at 60 in classic zones) and dipped into a fifth zone to hit 70. I stepped into one of the other zones for a “talk to this guy” quest, and I have yet to see the seventh. Wasn’t the experience curve re-adjusted? Even considering that, content is profuse.

During level 69, I began to notice the “things to do at 70” more as I looked through the neat things I wanted to do before leaving Outland. I have these bombing run achievements: not available until 70. What about those daily quests I heard so much about? Not until 70. Can I start — not until 70. Guys, you can lower the minimum level for level 70 content now. People are leaving for Northrend at 68 as it is. (When I finally got to do my first daily bombing run, I was disappointed with Fires over Skettis. I was hoping for something like the Hellfire Peninsula bombing run.)

I presume BC has all these factions to give you something to grind. I like making imaginary friends, but not when it starts to feel like an absurd grind. It is like the LotRO legendary items: at first, it is really neat to have extra numbers appearing every time you do anything. Capping out the first one is awesome! Then you hit seven of them that are 500/10,000 and why am I doing this?

Being able to fly trivializes some of the content by letting you bypass defenders. I don’t care. It is a great way to experience the content, and it lets you bypass trash mobs to get to the point. If you want to slaughter hordes of the enemy, land, do so.

See previously on why the rather high item levels make much absurd. I will address the experience for each zone throughout the week. And to warn you, I do not expect to post “at 80” for a while, as I have a lot of offline time coming up.

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “Thoughts at Level 70”

  1. ahehehehehe, the skettis bombing run *hides in corner, shivering*

    looking back on it, skettis was just horrible. pvp server, everyone wanting to do the same damn escort quest + bombing run…nah. juuust nah.

    And yes, BC has all those factions because at that point blizzard was a huge fan of making you work your ass off for an age to get an upgraded piece of gear pre-raid.

    I’ve lost count of the steamvaults/H Underbog/H slave pens runs to get the reputation needed for Earthwarden:

    but damn, i WANTED that mace, and it was an amazing tanking weapon for druids.

  2. I only saw three zones on my last trek from 58-68. They did shorten the curve, though, on my first time through I completed all of the quests in all but 1.5 of the zones before I dinged 70.

    And yes, flying while leveling is completely awesome.

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