Touring Terrokar Forest

I did not find myself thinking much with respect to this zone. I traveled here more than usual, with quests sending me around as I presumably missed the wave of perfect ordering. That led to running around the zone, into Shattrath, and occasionally elsewhere. Other times, I got to an area and stayed there a while. Instead of one big quest hub, quests were widely spread here, with one medium hub and chains all over.

My first thought upon entry was “the forest of parsley.” You start to ignore what the trees look like. About half way through, it converts to the land of the dead, and you spend your time in the south amongst the spirits. As a Paladin, I always approve of that. The difference between the two halves was so large that I forgot for a while that both were part of the same zone.

I just do not have many comments on the zone, despite doing every quest, getting a couple of levels, and getting the achievements. The many scattered quests, for several different groups and in many sub-zones, kept me from getting a single, overall impression. I think this worked better with the many small areas in the Hellfire Peninsula because they felt more tied together. Having fewer hubs helped unify the experience. It does, however, give you an idea of the many factions at work in the expansion pack, becoming a messy web in Shattrath and its larger zone.

There were a few new models, but the zone was dominated by humanoids, which are known quantities. The PvP quest for the zone has the unfortunate feature of shutting itself off for hours at a time after being done. Yes, that makes the reward more meaningful, but it also means that I could go through my entire play session without having a chance to affect it. I note that there is a four-winged instance in the zone. I heard people running Mana-Tombs (no, my Pally is not healing a PUG tonight, thanks), but otherwise good luck visiting the rest in a post-BC world.

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “Touring Terrokar Forest”

  1. The Auchindon-Instances were also before WOTLK quite empty. The only exception were players running a certain one of them for the rare Raven mount. I already forgot the name of the instance.

    I like the floating rocks in the south, and the area with the daily bombing quest for the sky guard. I wish there would be more areas where flight would be as dangerous. But Blizzard was actually nice and friendly towards players, there is a reason why there is a lake in this zone. ;)

    It is interesting that I felt more connected to Hellfire and Zangarmarsh than to Terokkar and Blade’s Edge Mountains. BEM had probably the most stunning visuals, though.

    I wonder about your upcoming Nagrand impressions. When there were still fights, Nagrand was quite cool. Later on the zone became some kind of african savannah, used for farming cobra scales, faction reputation for Talbuk mounts for the x mounts achievement.

    I quite liked the Netherstorm, despite its strong scifi-touch. The greenish/yellowish/darkish colors of Shadowmoon Valley were somehow annoying to look at.

    Looking forward to your future zone impressions in TBC! :)

  2. After having done some of the Terokkar quests on my first two trips through Outland, the accelerated levelling in Outland allows me to skip it. It’s not a bad zone, just a “meh” zone.

    Don’t even bother with the Outland reps, seriously, unless you want one of the mounts or you’re a druid looking to do the very epic swift flight form quest.

  3. I’ve found the PUGs to be of acceptable quality in Outlands. I healed a few Outlands instances on my priest and found them to be not that hard since the PUGs generally have one of skill, heirlooms, or are DKs (who are pretty powerful as compared to other classes in the Outlands levels).

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