Platefail 2

unnecessarynavel WTF is this? This right here, in the red circle? “That is a female gnome’s navel.” Yes, but why is it there? Why on Azeroth is a female death knight’s outfit midriff-baring? This is a male tauren death knight, and his stomach is perfectly covered. Every other class manages to start with a shirt, so this is not a problem. Why did someone think it was proper to have bare midriff armor for female death knights? Rule 36 aside, is our need to make all women sexual objects so severe that it applies to gnome death knights?

: Zubon

Also, a gnome’s two-handed sword clips pretty badly. She should be leaving a furrow in the ground behind her when she runs.

9 thoughts on “Platefail 2”

  1. Not that I mind you posting Z, but if you’re gonna start a series on WoW’s fashion mishaps we’ll be here for a while.

    1. I’m just hitting the ones where someone felt the need to make plate armor unnecessarily revealing. The fashion mishaps would take us far past the gratuitous skin.

  2. You managed to get to level 70 and this is the first you noticed that the female armor models are scandalous? You must’ve avoided the hilarity barrel that is pick-up grouping, you lucky sod.

  3. Yeah WoW is pretty bad with female armour; if I wasn’t so addicted I’d quit.

  4. XD One of the elite GW warrior armour sets has lots of plate… and fishnet stockings and a g-string. Don’t get me wrong, I love chainmail bikinis! It’s just that even I feel a bit confused-lol when MOST of it is covered plate, then the back is a g-string.

    (I think it’s the elite Kurzick set…)

  5. There’s the problem right there: Death Knights are the only female character (I think) to start without the Shirt slot filled. I’m mailing mine a shirt next time I log on. Why do you think those civilians dropped so many different levels of cloth?

    (I just made a DK last night – I am on the slow train or something)

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