What I’ve Been Doing Since 70

Cooking and fishing dailies organize my life. I want those last recipes that The Rokk is hiding. His first quest gave me Delicious Chocolate Cake. Given repeats, it looks like it will take me a couple of weeks to earn the four daily cooking/fishing achievements, but I am in no rush since I want other toys from them.

Start in Dalaran, pick up those two, head to Shattrath, pick up those two, pick up any Outland dailies near my questing path. Fish and farm what I need, maybe explore a bit or do a random quest. That takes me back to Shattrath, which takes me to Stormwind, which takes me to Borean Tundra to get what I need for the Dalaran dailies. I notice that Vegetable Soup is half meat; these people learned to cook from hobbits. While I am there, hit a few !s and ?s, which could take a few minutes or a few hours depending on how much I get into it. Hearth back to Dalaran, all set.

One of my ! pursuits led me to the murloc quest chain in the Borean Tundra. That was fun. I kind of missed the little buggers in Outland. “Demoralizing ” is a great skill name. The simian brain that likes the giant beasts also recognizes baby murlocs as the cutest things ever. Shrink murlocs down, make their voices higher pitched, and give them a variety of colors: eek, adorable! And you get to wear the murloc suit, so be sure to dance.

My Blacksmithing had fallen way behind, back when the Armorer quest chain called for about 20 stacks of mithril. Who wants to get 20 stacks of mithril? I blitzed through 20 or 30 points of Blacksmith in one night, which is even less fun than you might think. Next up: stacks and stacks of thorium.

Related: inventory maintenance took a good while, as all the metal from Outland was piling up alongside all the faction items. When you blitz through an expansion pack in a week, you quickly accumulate spare spores and dust and whatnot, not to mention all the Azeroth items in case I want to go back and become Exalted with the Timbermaw Hold. I purged everything except reputation items, Blacksmith and cooking materials, and gems. Potential crafter alts have bulging mailboxes.

I have also just wandered around with no particular hurry or agenda. There is a lot to see in Dalaran alone. It took me a few moments to get it when I saw the ninja turtles. Oh, and I had to get a new video card, so there was tech time.

: Zubon

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