This Week in Sexual Objectification: Mobile App Edition

Pepsi advertised one of its brands last week with an iPhone application (new link) that divided women into 24 categories and provided recommended pickup lines to help you “score” with them. What puts it over the top into real notability is that its developers have embraced Web 2.0 and included a “Brag List” so you can name and share your conquests on Facebook and Twitter. After the world noticed, Pepsi issued the usual non-apology.


: Zubon

3 thoughts on “This Week in Sexual Objectification: Mobile App Edition”

  1. It’s pretty hilarious how they didn’t foresee the release of that application raising a shit-storm. Or maybe they just didn’t care.

    Anyway, note that the article you linked can’t be read unless logged in as a PRWeek user… =P

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