Reverse Ad-Libs

Elder Game is one of my favorite MMO blogs, and each post is worth its weight in gold (especially at about 12 a year).  Eric gave me a morning chuckle hypothesizing the creation of Champions Online’s profanity filter such that the filter started attacking NPC text.  When NPCs are saying stuff like ““put that $#@*^!& a pine box”  what do you think the normal MMO player replaces with the censored text?  I think that would be a fantastic April Fool’s joke for an online game.  Create a “censor bot” that replaces a few words in every NPC’s text with the comically stylized cussing text.  It just sucks, especially in Champions Online’s case (according to Eric), when it is not really a joke.


5 thoughts on “Reverse Ad-Libs”

  1. At US-launch the FTP MMO “Rappelz” had a voracious profanity filter that would replace everything not G-rated with ‘love’. This lead to some rather amusing (and confusing) conversations, especially in PvP.

    They later changed it to ‘buddy’ which went haywire the first day and replaced every single word, not just the profane.

  2. I love you !#@%#@ buddy, buddy $%%$$ love, okay buddy.

    I hate the silly filters. Even in Aion it filters so many normal words that you cannot figure out what players are talking about if you have it on.

  3. There’ an interesting disconnect happening right now in Fallen Earth – according to the TOS (from what I understand) you are not supposed to use profanity in the chat. I assume this only applies to universal rooms like /help.

    However, the NPCs have pretty foul mouths, so while I am reading quest text sprinkled liberally with profanities I also have the on-duty GM castigating the more puerile players for using the same words in /help. Funny stuff.

    1. I found that pretty amusing as well. It’s an M rated game and the language does follow suit. I see no reason for people to be swearing up a storm in regional chat or the new player channel but when it’s already part of the game how strict can the GMs get?

      I especially love some of the scripted reactions during escort missions when your NPC gets jumped.

  4. What’s uncanny about Elder Game is you really feel that’s exactly how it happened in terms of the internal dynamics of the organisations they talk about.

    Maybe they just bug other MMO developers’ offices for good gossip :-)

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