Borderlands Bulletpoints

Actually just for Bonedead, it will be a numbered list.  Heretoforth:

  1. It is very much in some large venn-diagram with MMOs, but the face of its father is squarely in an FPS.  It has kill ten rats quests, pick ten flowers quests, and quest chains.
  2. It would be an MMO if persistence was irrelevant.  Up to 4 players can play at any time, but one player owns the persistent world.  All players will still advance their own quests, achievements, etc.
  3. The gun-porn loot pinata is crucial.  The more people playing the better the loot.  Solo players might get bored pretty quickly.  If opening up an MMO loot pinata does not give you some twinge of serotonin, this game might not be for you.
  4. PC users have to deal with opening ports. GAH!
  5. The graphics are great even at low settings.  I’ll take cell-shaded stylized graphics over hyper-realism anyday.
  6. The level disparity is ridiculous.  The game punishes players for going much above their level, but anything below the level gets popped pretty easily.  I’ve also heard that grouping up with a higher leveled friend equals advancement city.
  7. Did I tell you about the magical gun-porn loot pinata that can give you a shotgun that shoots rockets!?
  8. The story is good, in that, there is just more reason to use the brand new guns that dropped out of the vending machines and puke piles to put more bullets in to enemies.  It doesn’t pretend to be any heavier/complex than the actual game is.
  9. The classes are generally good, but some seem a lot slower due to the cooldown on each class’s one skill.  I am sure it is balanced on some level, but it doesn’t feel that way when I have to wait nearly two minutes to use mine every time while my Siren friend pops hers every half-minute.
  10. For Bonedead especially, Nine Toes has three balls.

and that’s why we call it a “zoo”

10 thoughts on “Borderlands Bulletpoints”

  1. Roland feels ridiculously overpowered. His passive ammo regen means that you’ll almost never run out of rockets, sniper , or shotgun ammo. That combined with the potential to shoot healing rockets, sniper, or shotgun shots at your teammates means that he makes everything so much easier. I don’t know if it need balancing…but it certainly feels off.

  2. “PC users have to deal with opening ports. GAH!”

    GAH seconded.

    Hopefully GameRanger will support this soon so I can avoid the port tinkering.

  3. The shotgun that shoots rockets was absolutely my favourite weapon until I got the semi-auto sniper rifle that meant two-second badass kills when combined with Mordecai’s shield bypassing.

    My partner, playing the Siren, got a class mod that gave +50% damage with SMGs. The pinata is almost silly and might get boring if the mudflation doesn’t continue.

  4. Got this last night for the 360. Having a blast with it so far (npi).

    @Saint: Word on the street is that Roland is the weakest character at high levels, because no-one really needs the healing or ammo regen he can offer (i.e., by then all four characters are pretty self sufficient even in a long fight). He’s certainly a lot of fun to play in a party, regardless.

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