First 30 minutes with Torchlight

If Torchlight doesn’t become wildly successful then I don’t know anything anymore. What a wonderful game.

7 thoughts on “First 30 minutes with Torchlight”

  1. I didn’t like it. No multi, no story, only three characters to pick, looks too simple and feels like playing WoW in Deadmines.

    It resembles Diablo in every way and in my opinion Diablo wins in every comparison. Why not play Diablo then?

  2. It will be an MMO and soon, I got an email from PW here is the relevant bit
    “For less than the cost of a movie night for two (US$20!), you can own the full single-player version of Torchlight. This single-player version of Torchlight will give you a sneak peek into the expansive, action packed world that will be featured in our upcoming, free-to-play MMORPG based on this universe.”

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