Hunting With Nesingwary

Glad ye could make it to Northrend, lad! I knew ye cut yer teeth on raptors and wee elephants in the last hunts, but now yer in the real game. We’re settin’ ye against the fiercest cats in these lands, but only to prepare ye for the greatest of them, a beast so fierce we only know it exists because of the people who ne’er came back! And how about a rhinoceros so singular that ye’ll need to invoke the spirits of the dead to find it? Of course, we could not let ye go without a bit of crocodile wrestling, although the crocodiles’ kneecaps will be higher than yer head. Does pulling the teeth from live, 30-foot long cobras sound exciting? And ye’ll get to kill some zebra-striped giraffes.

“Excuse me, what was that last one?”

Longneck grazers. Four-legged things with brown bodies, long necks, gazelle horns, and zebra-striped legs. Kill some.


Look, we’re hungry out here. Unless you brought some tacos from Dalaran, giraffe steak it is.

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “Hunting With Nesingwary”

  1. I always liked the Nesingwary quests. It’s like the developers decided that since every quest was really just “kill ten rats” they would throw in a few quest lines that didn’t even try to obfuscate the point. Kill 30 rhinos. Why? Because I told you to and you need the experience anyway.

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