Re-trying Champions

Champions Online is letting everyone play for free right now, so I thought I would give it another shot. Patch installation only crashed once. I found the character creator improved in little ways that help, and getting from start to a finished character felt more intuitive, although some of that might have been having seen it before. Everything was much improved by adjusting a few settings, especially eliminating those character outlines I hate so much (tolerable in Borderlands). The power-up auto-attack is a great tool for getting that feel of constant rock-em-sock-em action, with big booms off the charged-up power. I already knew where most things were from beta, so I was off at a run. I found that I wanted to like Champions.

Then servers crashed about half-way through the tutorial. Checking a few hours later, they were up, and there was a complete roll-back. I logged in my born again virgin character to see him at the starting point. The tutorial is not so good that I want to run it multiple times per day to get through it once. Maybe next free weekend, Cryptic.

: Zubon

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  1. Too steps forward, one step back for Champions. As much I love the game, I’m constantly shaking my head with frustration every time I here a story like this. It makes it so hard to defend a game when it can’t defend itself.

    1. Yeah, this, basically. I hope CO can start to get its act together before people stop trying to even give it a shot in the first place, as I’ve had a blast in the time I’ve been playing it (downtime aside).

  2. They do have issues with the servers – there has been “unplanned server maintenance” during a few weekends now. It has rarely hit my play times, so I have not been much affected by it.

    This is the first time I have heard of a roll-back though, that really sucks.

    I was happy to see that they allow you to skip the tutotial nowadays after a recent patch. Instead you can start right away at level 5 in one of the crisis zones. But I guess the tutorial has to be completed once on the account if they did not give you that option.

    1. Would it not be better to design a tutorial that’s actually fun enough you’re not desperate to skip it?

      1. I don’t think the tutorial itself is bad necessarily, it does provide the basic game information and compared to many other MMOs I think it does a decent job.

        The problem is rather that up until recently, you could not skip it. While I think the tutorial zone is ok, it is not the type of content that most people want to play multiple times. It is too basic for that.
        And it takes too long time to consider it negliable (perhaps 30 minutes or more).

        1. It’s not a bad tutorial at all. It does its job well. It’s just not something I feel like running more than once in a day, and after it failed to save the first time, the urge to repeat it is not there.

    1. This is what my husband and I discovered this weekend. It basically plays like a “rip-off” of CoH (and yes, I’m aware of the CoH/NCSoft/Jack Emmert history, I’m a 5-year CoX vet ;) ) and the lag… wow. I wouldn’t pay money for a half-finished “improved” version of CoX when CoX is still improving itself and plays great.

  3. In the end I had more fun playing with the character creator than I did actually playing the game. It’s not a terrible game imo but the appeal wore off rather quickly.

  4. I wanted to like it on Blood Moon weekend. I suffered through every patcher crash in the book, gave in to updating my ATI drivers to the most recent version, managed to make it past the login screen and play for a bit.

    On queueing up for the zombie pvp instance, the client crashed and crashed irrevocably three more times on restarting the launcher and attempting relogging, necessitating a complete reboot and some repatching before login success once more.

    That’s not to mention the times when it just seemed like the login or account server was just down, and no one could get through.

    On the bright side, I quite enjoyed the public quest *ahem* open mission incorporation. The combat was quite fun, even if the builds threatened to look tank-magey – part of the appeal, I think, to see who can make the most gruesome self-sufficient build. Having four or more colors for each part of the costume creator was spectacular.

    And I was in dastardly love with the bestial run animations and the acrobatics travel power animations plus its sheer flexibility and kiting ability.

    The above kept me logging in during the free weekend.

    Unfortunately, I lack any and all confidence in Cryptic as a reliable MMO provider to take up a subscription. Technical issues, balance issues, endgame issues and content issues. These are things you’d want addressed and addressed quickly and to a customer’s satisfaction if you’re paying a monthly fee. I don’t think they can do any of that in a decent amount of time.

    Maybe in a year or two, if they haven’t crashed and burned yet, or turned their attention to STO.

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