32 thoughts on “Borderlands Ending: Potential Spoilers in Comments”

    So supposedly the Vault was actually a prison for that thing.
    It does, however, look hilariously awesome.


    Yeah, I was really disappointed that Cthulhu made an appearance. And that the baddie (Cmdr. Steele) built up from the very beginning was just spontaneously murdered.

  3. the planets called pandora… so the vaults kinda like pandoras box… dont F wit pandoras box xD

  4. Was very disappointed not to mention everyone said that the second play through u get into the vault but that bull to only good part its all the monsters jump up to lvl 50 after u beat it the second time… But that’s pointless cause by then you’ve already reached lvl 50 and u are rediculsy strong at lvl 50

  5. Borderlands’ ending was almost more dissapointing than the entirety of SPORE. I also don’t give two-sh*ts about everyone’s philosophical explanation how the gate Cthulu came through is technically a “vault” in masonry.

    The end was incredibly dissapointing, no matter how it’s explained. I was looking for loots and got nothing but a f**king “thank you”. If it were possible, I’d nuke that stupid hyperion satelite.

  6. This game is rediculous. For me it was like saying hey go through that tunnel(tunnel being the 2 playthroughs) when you get to the other side there will be a pie…i love pie. But after you enter the tunnel a big black man is sent in after you and rapes you for 2 hours. I wish back every moment that i’ve put into this rediculous game. You never get the pie at the end of this game… you feel like you’ve wasted your time after you beat it… first time in my life have a felt like that. So save yourself and do not play through this game…

    1. While I finished the 2 playthroughs as Roland, the big black man, I would like to state for the record that at no time did I rape kalvin.

  7. I fucking hate this game i beat it all and killed twice that squirting vagina but never got 1 single good loot.. oh wait in my second walktrought i got a purple amazing class mod… OH WAIT IT TURNS OUT TO BE FOR MORDECAI F*CK THIS
    i got the best weapon in game for me at level 16 it was an orange combustion hellfire whit 53 damage and 12.1 fire rate and x4 fire effect (doesnt sound that good but whit the right skill build it did up to 600 incinerate damage and whit this weapon each bullet trigger incinerate… and incinerate does stack so i did around 2000 damage per second whit my uber level 16 weapon)
    The least thing i was waiting for that boss was the level 46 version of my weapon but all i got was money and more money… by the time i finished the game i had 99999999 money (no kiding did the how much for the planet challenge)

  8. Borderlands is a great game, but cmon! It needs a way better ending. They just pay you a bit of money at the end, but by then the games over! What do you need money 4 then?!?!?!? It needs at least a hard mode thing, which is the entire storyline thing again, but starting at lvl 30+ (and a bit harder). And WTF is the ninja claptrap thing 4? Where is it?

    1. That hard mode you want exists. Start a second playthrough. When you’re done with that one, the second will up its levels to be entirely a level 50 game.

  9. FML!!
    This game was one giant c*ck tease!!
    Literally, just blue balled by a game on an epic scale.
    Ironically, to support this, that vault boss looks like a snaggale tooth vag…
    I would rather F**K that spike mouthed beast then experience this level of disappointment…
    I thought this game was the surprise GAME OF THE YEAR. The display, the multiplayer oriented play, the inovative FPS/RPG character class build. Some spots could use polishing, but really, every night I loved sitting down to this game….BUT THAT VAULT AT THE END PISSED IT ALL DOWN THE HOLE!!
    F**K YOU GEARBOX! Now I have to go settle for pity sex with Fallout3…

  10. Fucking agree with you all.. ending was fucking donkey ballz. When that thing blew up and the stupid movie came, i was like WTF THIS IS IT????!?!?!!! then i completed the quest at that bitch and all i got was cash… WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF was that…

  11. lol i thought hey maybe tannis will give me a choice some uber class guns but it was just money and i about shit my own balls out my throat

  12. Cyrstal…I got the exact same results as u…without th mordecai mod. ..and kalvin….i also agree….At first I thought I was “Too late” and the vault had closed prematurely…after a huge let-down I went to tannis. I actually thought She would be waiting for me with all the vault loot somehow in her posession sayin “SUPRISE!!!” and I got completely useless money.*crying* Why? I spent so much time devoted to the game *SNIFF*….hoping every second to get to the vault…it never fucking hapenssssss AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!. I dont give a fuck about the philosophy of pandoras box thats just a dumb-fucked excuse for creating a shitty, ball assed, ending with a “Wrap it up, kid” attitude. Im not playing the second goddamned playthrough!!!! IM TOO DISsAPOINTED. “But arthur, think about the loot!” “I DONT WANT TO GET BETTER LOOT TO KILL A VAGINA TOOTHED MONSTER AND GET F*CKED AND DISSAPOINTED AGAIN. I feel like I’ve wasted my time after I beat it… first time in my life have a felt like that. So save yourself and do not play through this game… I’m a dumbass….i wanna throw the thing out the window but it’s valuable. So don’t play. It’s sad

  13. Wow.. what an ending.


    Enough of this, lets be honest, the ending to this game would have made much more sense if the entire game you were running around with shotguns, trying to find more powerful shotguns, and every enemy was a block of swiss cheese labeled “plot line”

    Ok, at the end you find out the guardian angel who repeatedly harasses you to kill people, yet shows compassion on wounded robots, is really watching you from a hyperion satelite. Ok, that makes sense, except how she knows that you won the boss fight that happened inside of a cave and says “good job on your first challenge”. Ohh, and why is her hair blowing around like shes in a fucking vortex tunnel if shes on board a satellite? Why the fuck is the wind matching that of a mars hurricane in a closed environment?

    Lets not even talk about the boss of the game, z0mg dimensional being which bares no similarities to the eridian race what-so-fucking-ever pops out of the vault and locks the door behind him, just so in the event you fill his fat fucking sideways vagina mouth with lead, you can’t get in and get all the treasures!

    The boss comes out of no where, makes no sense, is never explained, and worse yet, clearly had nothing of value inside the vault stick to his ass, this is in severe contrast of.. the entire fucking game.. where things that should be completely worthless explode into piles of loot with every bullet that flies out of your gun.

    What happened to the vault? Did it close? I think it did, either that or there was nothing there to begin with, the magical hyperion space bitch who knew were all the damn keys were and kept calling me “friend” KNEW that there was a big, toothed vagina monster waiting for me when I opened the vault, does she know whats inside the vault? furthurmore, if she knew THAT was going to come out, WHY THE FLYING FUCK WOULD SHE WANT US TO OPEN IT!? Also, this begs the question HOW she knew the monster was in there, has the vault been opened before? if so, how has no information about this leaked in 200 fucking years since the last time it was opened and the story ended in the hero being eaten by oprah winfrey’s vagina?

    The ending to this game leaves so many questions completely unanswered, and worse yet, there are some questions which are simply unanswerable, as every answer would be mutually exclusive with another part of the plot.

    They should re-make this game as a sequel to “snakes on a plane”.. and name it “Wind on a satellite”

    Worst. Ending. Ever.

    1. this game was great and they will prob make another game to wrap it up and im not sure if u play it online but there are sooooo many cool guns u can get from the gunracks with 4 other players i think u should play this game on the 2nd playthrough and try to find a orange ranked gun [white being the lowest orange being the highest]

  14. first the reason they have to playthroughs is so that once u have all ur good guns and ur character figured out u can go back and play the game again but this time u can kick ass with flaming bullets made of unicorn horns and the reason they leave questions unanswered is because they want to make a sequel these people arent idiots they wouldnt make a game and completely leavethe story at an end like this actually i likedthe whole FUCKING CHRIST a monster came out of that i did not see that coming and honestly i was in such a state of panic because i didnt want to end up like steele that i totally forgot about the open ending the satelliate that seems to run a voice simulator like hal and futhermore the main point of this game is that a huge chunk of it is played through 4 player co op over xbox live i honestly loved this game and i have played it through both play throughs and would do it again andagain to try to find a assault rifle that fires rockets to everyone that hated this gamei insist u to try online orplay through the 2nd playthrough again untill u find a great gun then go show it off onlinei no thats what im gonna go do

  15. This is hands down the worst fucking game i have ever played in my life. The whole motivation for enduring the trite, monotonous grind they call a good damn story line was based on the presupposition that i was going to get some fucking god damn guns in the vault. There is nothing more to this game than collecting fucking weapons and wow wouldn’t it have of been cool if i got some GOOD weapons at the end of the goddamn storyline but no. Not one fucking good weapon, not even better than ones i got about five levels before the vault fight. Absolute shit these guns were worse than ones i found halfway through the game. O but wow i got some money to add onto my overflowing bank account of one millions dollars, which essentially has a value of ZERO because everything in those fucking vending machines is a steaming pile of shit. I cannot believe how bad this game is, like a big cock tease, and then they want you to play through the same storyline again!?!? I’m sorry, but GODDAMN, this is one of the dumbest games I’ve ever played in my life. I really wish i could have the last few weeks of my life back, what an absolute waste of time and money.

  16. The Vault is a lie…………..

    The game itself was f**king awesome.. it was building up to a potentially fantastic finale ending then after like 15minutes of shooting that fat squid motherf**ker in the face and shit…expected to finally get some badass loot and meet that hot chick up in the f**king satellite… ohhh but noooooooooo, i get a fu*king “THANKS YOU”, some cash, and a “get the f*ck out of my face”.. wtf *disappointing ending* *awesome game*

  17. sure the ending sucked, but who gives a fuck, heaps of good games have shitty fuck endings. atleast this game has set it up for a sequel, hopefully 200 years into tha future where u CAN ACTUALLY GO IN DA FUCKING VAULT.

  18. Nice to see I’m not the only one who thought the ending was crap.

    The whole game seemed to be built on the idea of ‘The Vault’ :
    -At the start you are going to get rich by finding THE VAULT.
    -During the game you fight several bad guys to get components for a key that will grant access to THE VAULT.
    -Towards the end you have to combat the Crimson Lance, who are also trying to get into THE VAULT, as well as the Guardians who are guarding THE VAULT.
    -Then at the final level/map, you are told to hurry because : firstly, you don’t want be beaten to THE VAULT, and secondly, THE VAULT won’t open again in your lifetime.

    Do you see the theme there ?
    Seems to me that the game is based around the idea of THE VAULT.
    So I expect some fucking serious Vault action after 20+ hours play over 5 days !
    Did I get it ?
    Did I fuck !

    Where the hell did the final boss come from ?
    Wouldn’t some sort of 20ft Eridian Uber-Guardian make more sense than the ridiculous piece of shit we were presented with ?

    Do you think the boys and girls at Gearbox just ran out of time, and hastily cobbled together the ending in an afternoon ?
    “Right guys. How are we doing with Borderlands ?”
    “Great boss. We’ve just finished designing the Eridian Promontory level, and are just about to start on the design of The Vault levels.”
    “What ? You’re joking… Aren’t you ?”
    “No. Why would we ?”
    “Listen you retards. This game goes out in 3 weeks. You don’t have time to piss about with new levels.”
    “3 weeks ? Oh shit ! Sorry boss. I thought we had a good couple of months at least.”
    “Well you don’t. So get your thumb out your arse and get me an ending by 5pm today.”
    “Yes sir. How should we end it ?”
    “Oh for fuck sake ! I don’t know. Just stick some big slug/squid/vagina monster at the end of the last level you’ve done.”
    “Ok boss. You know best.”

    And what the fuck was the deal with the Ninja Claptrap ?
    Those annoying little robots pissed me off something terrible, and I’d gladly see them all infected with Robot AIDS.

    Instead of playing this, I’d’ve been better of spending twenty odd hours wanking into a bucket.

  19. @matt hey dude i actually can say they are a bunch of idiots cuz they already released 2 dlcs and noone of them has anything to do whit the history and actually thats the smartest thing they could do because the main history SUCK…. Anyways i gave the game another try by torrenting the ned zombie island dlc… and guess what it sucks in the whole place there is no waypoints. That means everytime u want to go from 1 place to other u have to walk like for ever shooting stupid zombies that never get to touch u.
    About getting orange weapons like u sayd atm i got 32 orange weapons in my inventory+4 orange weapons equiped i also have a “pearl” weapon but after doing all this shit and spending all that time i feel even worse than the firts time i beated the game because at least the firts time i beated it the point of the game wasnt going around 1 shooting everything whitout even getting any damage… that means they just fucked up the game even more adding crappy easy dlcs.

  20. Yo, friends, chill. I was disappointed, too, but then I figured out how to get into the vault. You just need to set your computer clock 200 years into the future and then play through the game again. Then the vault will open and since you already killed the monster, now you can just waltz in and get all that sweet loot. Best ending ever so far, that’s what everybody’s been sayin’.

    1. Really?! Have you tried it yourself???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DID IT WORK?!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  21. An old post but I feel like venting.

    It was a good game right up to the end, I had a great time, and it was a satisfying way to waste time after school then…
    I am greeted by a giant alien vagina.

    Question One: Why the f**k am I greeted by a gigantic alien vagina?

    Question Two: Why was it in the vault? did it have a strain of alien super chlamydia they didn’t want getting out?

    Question Three: Why not let us in the vault, then present a satisfying but puzzling turn of events preparing you for a sequel.

    Gear Box Studios have ticked a lot of the boxes, but they fail on the terms of storyline.

  22. This fucking game is a big ass tease man. I had a life before this game and i literally gave it up 2 weeks of my life palying 5 hours a day cause it was that addicting instead of going to the movies with my friends or hanging out with my friends i chose this game because i wanted to get to the vault. Then i get greeted by a space alien vagiania and noooo vault wtf this game is good it gets you hooked on but the ending killed the game experience.

  23. Ok, for the love o’Pete. This game is awesome. One of the best I’ve played. It ended with a twist that you didn’t like. How many of you threw yourselves on the floor and flailed your limbs ineffectually all over the room at your inability to get your way? When you grow up you’ll learn that sometimes the journey is the fun part.

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