My buddy invites me to his Ventrilo server, so we can chat while we are in our respective games. He is running his five-man dailies in WoW, I am starting a second playthrough in Borderlands.

“So, what’s this ‘playthrough’ BS? Does anything change, or do you just do the same boring-ass quests over again? Who wants to do that?”

“Aren’t you playing WoW right now?”

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “Re-Quest”

  1. Eh… its a difference of scale. To many people, playing a console or PC game through again from the beginning would be like starting a new character, of the same race and class of the one you already took to the level cap. Or at the very least, just taking a second character through the game again (since Borderlands does have different builds). While they find that idea, that investment, distasteful, repeating a twenty to thirty minute quest every day is short enough that they don’t mind the repetition because of the frequency of the rewards.

  2. Damn man! I think you just gave me the foolproof argument to facepalm anyone who comes to me with that nonsense again!

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