Her Way of the Shield

I am not a tank. If you need a healer or ranged DPS, I have more MMO experience than I sometimes care to admit. My view is that having something beating on your head is a bad tactic, to be avoided. In group situations, however, I love my tanks, and they love their shields. Blocking with a shield is much better than blocking with your face.

I do not often post just to toss out a link, but that is a great post about a rather different approach to the game than mine. If you are anything like me and want to see how the other half lives, check out the shield on that lass.

: Zubon

Hat tip: Syp

9 thoughts on “Her Way of the Shield”

  1. OT: Speaking of getting hit in the face, one of the reasons I could never truly grok playing a Warrior in WoW (even though it’s right up my main alley which is melee combat) was the rage mechanic.

    I could never ‘connect’ logically to a class that during combat essentially becomes more able the more damage it takes.

    End OT.

  2. My Guardian in LOTRO is my first attempt at tanking on a long term basis and even though I’ve had my doubts along the way I have grown to love the sword and board. Shield bashing is very satisfying. Standing face to face with a huge troll and to still be standing after it falls is pure joy.

    1. Have you given the Warden a try? A well played warden will out-aggro and out-live a Guardian in most situations (and they’re more fun/dynamic imo), at least as of a few months ago.

      Things may have changed since I last played as a LOT of people were calling for the nerf bat on warden tanking.

  3. I too have never seriously played a tanking class but my Champion character in Lotro can be traited up to make a reasonable “off tank”. I have always been amazed how powerful I feel when I do equip a big shield. Laughing in the face of trolls as is definitely an ego trip.

  4. I personally loved the Death Knight in WoW, their tanking mechanic being without shields – either a 2handed weapon, or dualwielding.

    Definitely a departure from the classic tank there.

    1. bah, hit enter in the midst of the post ><

      I think it's just that i prefer the alternative styles, Bear Form for druids as well, and the Warden's spear & board was a nice change from the usual.

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