Playfish Buyout

EA has bought the makers of my favorite Facebook games. I’m glad they got paid, and this could lead to a lot more exposure for the games. Given EA’s advertising plans, I expect to see lots of ads for their virtual pets saying:

Electronic Arts wants you to
Commit Acts of Bestiality*
with your pets to earn fabulous prizes!

*by which we mean, take pictures of them

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “Playfish Buyout”

  1. Because of you I waded into the quagmire that is Facebook games to play Country Home or House or something… which is basically ToadWater on Facebook. Oh ToadWater, how you shaped my soul. I played on my wife’s account though, hee hee.

  2. EA, as is being proven again with WAR, can kill just about anything. Social games, IMHO, are in a bubble that is going to burst. There is no long term revenue model currently without shady lead-gen type offers to supplement the direct player transactions. A lot is going to shake out with the social games at some point and it will be interesting to see if EA can make this profitable.

  3. “Social games, IMHO, are in a bubble that is going to burst.”

    There’s no game to most of them, you click buttons on a glorified browser interface. I know you can “buy” points for a lot of them but there doesn’t seem to be enough to compel one ot want ot buy. I know they have tons of players but I would think only a very very very small percentage bothers to purchase points.

    This was followed by the announcement of a bunch of layoffs, Mythic in particular lost about 40 percent of its staff.
    It sucks for the people at Mythic, but who didn’t see this coming? It’s what EA does a lot of the time, especially when they purchase companies that work in areas EA never dealt with before the purchase.

    Ok so at this point how much of Mythic that started WAR is still there? Whats the point of buying a company..and then firing all the people you got with the purchase?

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