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The hot topic these past couple of weeks has been MMO pricing models, and you will have trouble finding better discussion than at Player Versus Developer this month. Even if you do not agree with Green Armadillo on all the points, these are the critical points for discussion. Skip the distracting side issues and cut to the core. Here is a post on Facebook game scams, with an article I’ve been meaning to discuss. How about the conflicts of interest inherent in running a game with a cash store? You don’t need to fix balance issues if your players can buy their way around them. And there is the question of what is left to do if you are one of us not necessarily thrilled with the shift to RMT.

This last one reminds me of last week’s elections, because there is a sense of inevitability about the item shop. I cannot see the trend moving in the opposite direction. There will definitely be a place for subscription games, but the paradigm shift is already over if your position is reduced to “there will still be a place for it” or “we are still the majority.” Yes, for now, but winning 53-47 when it would have been 93-7 a little while ago means you are about to get steamrolled.

: Zubon

12 thoughts on “On the Blogroll: Player Versus Developer”

  1. Thanks for the shoutout. :)

    I was actually thinking about raising the point you made about selling “catch-up” epics, but you beat me to it and covered it nicely.

  2. I keep hoping that with the release of Guild Wars 2, Arenanet’s model of non-subscription, not-quite cash shop, and packaged “campaigns” continues to be viable and other companies actually try copying them this time around (instead of using its instanced format as the explanation for why subscriptions are “needed”).

    1. You’d think by now, that if that business model were to be copied or tweaked, and therefore arenanets success were to be copied, somebody would be on that by now. everyones too busy copying WoW

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