Weekend Deals on Steam

“Overlord: Complete Pack” with Overlord, Overlord II, and Overlord: Raising Hell is $8.75. I note that Overlord itself is just $1.50. I have heard mixed things about Overlord, notably that you spend too much time saving villages considering that you are the villain, and the Raising Hell levels sound like a lot of that. On the other hand, there are only so many good “be the bad guy” games out there, and there are good things too. If you want a review of a game from 2007, I might say some things after I play.

$1.50 for an old game, and it downloads and installs itself while I sleep? I should be looking through these digital distribution channels for classic games I never played. My list of books to read and movies to see also has a “games to play” section.

I did not enjoy Left 4 Dead much, but if you want the sequel, your pre-order time is almost up. Steam has the same deal there that Borderlands did: 10% off plus buy-3-get-1 free, which is just a brilliant offer for games with 4-player coop. Various places will also give you stuff for pre-ordering, like a Team Fortress 2 hat or a L4D2 bat.

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8 thoughts on “Weekend Deals on Steam”

  1. I thought about just getting the first too, but I figured it was cheap enough to just get them all. Also, 2007 is already “old” and “classic”? Doesn’t feel like it to me, 2009 in games has basically been 2007 part 2.

    If you are interested in other, much older games…check out Gog.com

    1. Fair. I’m not putting Overlord as “classic,” just wondering about them. I may stick with “old,” because in the blogosphere, two months ago is very old news.

    2. I’ll second gog.com. Plenty of gaming goodness there.

      (Though Steam’s price on the XCom games is good, too.)

  2. My kids loved the Overlord demo for the 360. Thought I’d pick it up on Steam, but then I’d never get to use my computer anymore.

  3. :O Overlord 2 for extra cheap? I hope the deal is still there when I get home!!

    Overlord did have a bit too much “quest to save the villagers even though you’re supposed to be the bad guy” flavour to it to be honest. The only option to be really evil is kill them all, then you have no-one to rule over… But it was still fun.

  4. I had a load of fun with the first Overlord. yes there are those quests to save the villagers, but it’s to better torture them after :).
    The dark humor was just too good, as was the perversion of the different heroes…

    So, seeing Overlord 2 at 75% off, i just had to get it… I’ll see how good it is, but the intro didn’t ring very true to me yet :(

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