The Old Republic – All Classes Revealed

For months now, thousands of people have been speculating and arguing about the names of the eight classes in SWTOR. Not since the debates about the identity of the “5th Cylon” in Battlestar Galactica has it felt like this. The message boards have been bathed in flame on a semi-permanent basis as titles like “Mandalorian” “Engineer” “Noble” and “Droid” were all tossed into the ring of possible classes. The hottest debate has centered on one question. Will there be one Jedi class and one Sith class? Or will there be two for each side, making the total force-users out to be four? Would Bioware make an mmo where four out of eight classes held lightsabers?

On some podcasts, like ToroCast, they felt completely certain that they knew that there were only two force users total. On my podcast, my co-hosts and I felt so certain that there were four force-users that we often talked about them without providing a disclaimer that their existence was unconfirmed.

But now, the last of the classes are confirmed, and the two-vs-four debate can finally die.

It’s hard to explain how large this revelation feels after months of reading the TOR forums daily. In June, I blogged here about the possibility of four force users, and then I did again in August . By October, I could no longer see evidence for or against… it was like a religion. I just had unwavering belief in the existence of a Jedi “healer” class.

It’s been so long that I’ve been arguing with people about the existence of four force users that I’ve actually forgotten whether I wanted there to be four or not. Even earlier today, there was debates about the screenshots being faked and the interview with DarthHater being a hoax. But I think it is over now. The debate about the existence of the Jedi Consular and Sith Inquisitor is dead. Now, it’s time to debate every other aspect of them until the game is released.

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13 thoughts on “The Old Republic – All Classes Revealed”

  1. Just because you called it does not mean its a good thing. 4 Force classes, 4 Force classes … really? I have to say it a couple of times to get use to it. I don’t like it because I was hoping the last two classes who be inline with the Imperial Agent where its not iconic but a cool combination of characters and playstyles. I really cannot wait until Bioware explains why they decided to do what they did.

  2. cylon, tyvm.

    can’t believe there’s no wuki class. perhaps an expansion or available in the store.

  3. I can’t even sign up to beta test, their tool keeps dying halfway through, and I have a somewhat new system. I only bring it up because I think it’s funny, maybe that means I should for sure be a tester, since my system is not one they anticipated. But they will never know.

    1. Me either and I built my rig as a gaming system two months ago. I haven’t had time to troll the swtor forums much but I’m betting it’s a 64 bit system issue. I start the scan just fine but it always fails under IE and FireFox.

    1. Maybe the non-force classes will be overpowered? The lore, such that it is, showed Jedi getting slaughtered left and right by non-force-using troops in the third prequel, so maybe they’ll just bribe players to play non-force-users.

      1. The interview said that the non-force classes have tricks/gadgets/etc to balance them out. Still, there’s a huge potential here for a game balance nightmare. Especially since the classes aren’t identical on opposing sides, something that WoW wrestled with for a long time (Paladin vs Shaman).

  4. I’m going for Trooper, myself. But congratulations on getting it right. It was the only logical conclusion, given the previous KOTOR examples.

  5. I’d just like to point out that your four paragraphs of text don’t actually mention whether the final count was four or two. Neither do you link to anything that would answer that question.

    It’s certainly not a big deal, just irked me slightly as someone who only follows SW:ToR loosely, and was waiting for you to spill the beans. :p

    1. My apologies, it’s four. The Sith Inquisitor and Jedi Cosulor I mentioned, are the two new force users. The previously known force users were the Jedi Knight and the Sith Warrior.

      This is a case of me being so nose-deep in the SWTOR forums that I forgot not everyone knew everything about the other six classes.

  6. Thanks for answering that. I’d just finished re-reading this post wondering if I’d missed a link that explained what the two new classes were. ;)

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