Psychology to the rescue

Here’s a simple solution to curb the inevitable overpopulation of Jedi characters in SW:TOR. We’re already expanding on the lore as it is with those weird new classes, so what’s one more spot on the leopard anyway? Just add this bit:

The venerable Jedi knights search far and wide throughout the galaxy in a constant search for force-sensitive individuals. Those with the ability are brought in to be tutored and trained in the ways of the force, and are able to wield impressive powers that put them above most other living beings in the galaxy. Training, however, is grueling and in order to safeguard the purity of the force and keep their numbers manageable, all new Jedi initiates undergo a cleansing ritual in which their testicles are removed.”

Let’s see how many go for that once it’s made canon.

6 thoughts on “Psychology to the rescue”

  1. Stupid rules *mutter* only men can be jedi my ass *grumble*

    This policy is a good one however.

  2. “Training however, is grueling…” With that I figured you were going to suggest Jedi’s would take quadruple the amount of time of other classes to level up, but castration may work better.

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