The Breakups

I unsubscribed to Dungeon and Dragons Online today.  I really only subscribed to get the 1000 points, which was all I needed to buy the 32 point build.  Now I have a dual-wielding khopesh paladin, and all is well.  They will still get my money in non-monthly ways.  The breakup was easy.  Logged in to the master account.  Do you want to unsubscribe?  Are you sure?  Done.  If you want to help us with an exit survey, that’d be swell. I almost had to search to find that last sentence it was so inconspicuous. The relationship we had wasn’t working, but the breakup was clean enough to tell me we could still go have a beer once in awhile.

The so-called number 1 MMO was a different story. She started crying, showing me cute andmemorable” pictures of stuff we might have shared.  I had to scroll through her sob story of how she might change for me, and then she begged for help.  All I could say while wishing my friend would call now telling me my Aunt died was “it’s not you, it’s me.”  By the time I got away I was embarrassed for her.  Would I have to go through this every time I wanted to hang out with her?

Like Dan Savage, I seek to employ the campsite rule outside of… well, campsites.  I want to constructively tell the devs why I am leaving because it can only benefit everybody.  But, when I am being paintballed with marketing cowdung my constructive thoughts go right out the window.  On the other hand, when it is clear the company respects my time and money, I will actively seek out the feedback link.

put a leash on her, turkish

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  1. One thing I like about Guild Wars is not getting the “Hey, you haven’t visited in a while, don’t you love me any more?” calls. I guess she’s more of a casual weekend f-buddy these days.

    Another more abusive relationship didn’t end so well. After I broke up with her she sent me hate mail, calling me a loser and daring me to come back and fight some more. I wanted as little to do with that particular girl as possible after that nasty ending.


  2. I’d love to give the Turbine devs some feedback about LOTRO and the expansion and why I’m not buying it. However, as a lifetime “subscription” holder the only thing I can do is not buy the expansion, and I doubt they’ll notice that.

      1. I give feedback on the forums like any other customer. It gets lumped into a certain category by Turbine’s data-mining monster. This post was about feedback given specifically when canceling a subscription. A lifetime subscriber can’t cancel their subscription, and they can’t give feedback on why they didn’t buy something. I would think that type of feedback would be fairly valuable to Turbine.

  3. This is the current state of social gaming, relying on the addictive side to make it last long enough for the company to generate the money to move to their next big thing. Which makes WoW looks like a drug if you think about it.

    The future is into lighter solutions where the relationship between the game/company and the gamer is much more “organic”, e.g. 2way and flexible.

    This reminds me of the much needed “Dislike” FB button :)

  4. @Bootz, just post something constructive in the forums, the devs read that. @Ravious I too had the same experiences and the same opinions. By the time I was able to find the terminate conversation link with the number 1 mmo I was disgusted.

  5. Ravious, how are you liking DDO, i just unsubdued from Wow, it was bitterly easy. I realized it was more then time when my last month I had 3-4 blog posts on quitting ur MMO or something along the lines of that. lol but i’m playing a fighter on DDO and enjoying it so far(lvl 2) but I am completely lost on the builds and spec. been reading the ddo website and forums but nothing helpful yet.
    any good sites/posts on builds for DDO you recommend?

    thanks and keep up the great content

    1. Yeah, I need to write more about it. The best place is definitely the official forums, and yeah, one thing I need to talk about is some of the difficulty in playing mostly with builds. Forthcoming, I hope. ;) But yeah, head to the official forums and the DDO Wiki is great for the explorable areas.

  6. I dumped the 800lb Gorilla about this time last year and had to suffer through the “Don’t you love me?” messages as well.

    When I finally got to provide some input in response to the question, “What game has lured you away with its cheap and gaudy baubles?” (and yes, that was practically the exact wording of the question) I chuckled as I typed “Wizard 101”.

    Two 12-month subs for less than 6 months of WoW, plus quality time with my 9 y/old son? Totally worth it.

  7. I was surprised when I cancelled my Station Access sub earlier this year that there was no option at all to give my reasons. The entire cancellation process took about 20 seconds.

    I actually wanted to give positive feedback, to tell them I’d had nearly a decade of great value from my sub and that I would be resubscribing as soon as the EQ2 expansion arrived in 2010. But they didn’t want to know.

  8. Do I have to feel bad now that I’ve never seen the wow goodbye page? :)
    The second account ran only with game cards, so not even there I had a chance, although it lay unpaid for a year…

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