A Request From Your Fellow LotRO Players

Please run a few skirmishes solo. Please read the little page the tutorial gave you about traiting your soldier.

We are all very excited about the new toy, and I understand that you want to jump right in with the skirmishes. And big groups are better, right? But when we have a full raid and two-thirds of the soldiers are fresh from the tutorial, those are effectively level 30-40 players in our level 60+ group. That is not a problem on the normal fights, but for anything hard, you’ll notice that the raid is getting crushed.

This is an issue that will work itself out in a few weeks. You can help work it out faster by doing your part. Thank you.

: Zubon

5 thoughts on “A Request From Your Fellow LotRO Players”

  1. I will admit to being one of the players who jumped right in to the skirmishes without realizing the extent of the starting soldier’s weaknesses. Luckily, I did not inflict pain on any other players and most of the damage was only to my bank account (yikes! on the repair costs following a few skirmishes).

    Going back to the trainer, I finally saw the level listed on the skills my Protector had equipped. The lightbulb came on a bit late, but at least it came on, right? :)

  2. I too must admit guilt to being ill-prepared for group skirmishing. I joined a 6 man group going to the offensive Bree skirm and we got slaughtered badly on the final fight. Some of it could be attributed to poor co-ordination but I think it had a lot to do with people having lower level soldiers.

    Ahhh well. Live and learn!

    Moneric, Arkenstone

  3. I can confirm your observations.

    I just had a level 65 fellowship skirmish with 5 players only, one level 63. But the skirmish was set to level 60 to make it easier. The final bosses whipped us.

    I still think we could have made it. But well, one even did not have a soldier other than the default Champion-type Warrior that he did not train or equip traits.

    I fear it will take some time till people will have properly trained soldiers. This is a problem IMO – Skirmishes were meant to bring people easily together, soldiers should fill spots.

    On other hand, players should really have so much brain to equip their helpers properly. I party blame the clumsy and obstructed skirmish UI and trader interfaces for this.

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